She Will Be Loved

This is a story about me and my best buds in 6 years...
Finally! The day me and my best friends Emma and Taylor get to go to our favorite band One Direction's concert! And we get front row! Will one of the girls catch one of the boys eyes? Claire Leonard was just a regular 17 year old teenager, nothing special. Shes had 3 boyfriends in the past, and she fell what she thought was head over heels for each of them...until every single one cheated on her. She thinks she will never be loved. But will she?
*note: in this story niall and demi and dani and liam are NOT dating


2. Friends & Breakfeast Woohoo

I shift my weight slightly, and end up falling off of the bed and hitting my head on my bed side table with an ommphff!! OW! Oh well. Ill go get some Tylenol. My parents are on vacation in the Carabien . 2 years ago my brother joined the army. Hes still alive thank god. Every day that thought paralizes me in the morning when im walking that he may never come back. Gone. Forever. Ugh. I get up and make some pancakes sausage and bacon! When im bored i like to cook. Like really, never sooo...yeah. I think emma and taylor might want to come over sine its 11:00 tho taylor might be sleeping
Oh well i text them anyway. They say they can both come! They live like 5 min away so emmas jogging over and taylor is driving. Taylor loves to sleep so don't wake her up too early, you get bad results but its still my favorite prank.
Taylor texts: hey b ovr in 1 sec.
I text back saying mmhk. C u
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