She Will Be Loved

This is a story about me and my best buds in 6 years...
Finally! The day me and my best friends Emma and Taylor get to go to our favorite band One Direction's concert! And we get front row! Will one of the girls catch one of the boys eyes? Claire Leonard was just a regular 17 year old teenager, nothing special. Shes had 3 boyfriends in the past, and she fell what she thought was head over heels for each of them...until every single one cheated on her. She thinks she will never be loved. But will she?
*note: in this story niall and demi and dani and liam are NOT dating


5. 2 days + breakups... so excited! 2 days to go!!! So ive washed my outfit like 70 times! I decided im wearing my black lone stars, dark skinny jeans, a 1d shirt, and and my NH sweatshirt. I was going to wear my cowboy boots but changed it! Did i mencine this is the best week of my life for two reasons, duh im going to the concert in two days but 2 days after the concert me taylor and emma are going to London for FOUR WEEKS! Yes! I thought of this idea in the 6th grade when we were 11, such a long tome ago.... Anyways i cant wait! I swear over the past 8 months ive been dreaming of every single senerio for meeting the boys! Ahh! My mom said i could go for four weeks if i skyped her everyother day and text her every day and or call her alot. Oh gotta love the moms. Ive been so crazed lately!

Emmas pov.
After that shopping trip, ive been so excited! I cant wait to see one direction!!! They are going to chicago then as their last concert in the USA, pittsburgh. Then 2 days later they head back to london where they share a really big flat, (apartment), and ohh i cant think, ill just call my boyfriend Safy. Safy is russian but lived in Pittsburgh his whole life. He and i almost won homecoming queen and king last year! Almost! I pull out my new iphone5 (the year is 2012) and text safy
Me: hey babe! Whatcha doing today?

Saf :) <3 nothing much. You?

Me: same!

Saf :) <3: cool

Me: wanna hang out?

Saf :) <3: id love to but ive got some bad news,
Im moving to ireland...babe i love you dont u forget it...

Me: oh. When do you leave? :'(

Saf :) <3 umm tomorrow. I want to let you have another guy so if you know where this is going dont make me say it

Me: so your trying to say were over...

Safy :) <3: it pains me to say yes. I have to go finish packing now. So this is our final goodbye forget about me and live a happy life

Me: i cant forget you and i wont, i love you safy, goodbye

I dont know if i can take this all in right now...
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