While We're Young

A girl named Kathryn meets a boy named Niall, and they grow very fond of eachother very fast. They spend their summer together everyday. There are a few bumps in the road, but they try to make their way through them.


2. Feelings

Mike and I continued to text for two weeks.  We even hung out!  But, he never asked me out or tried to kiss me, nothing.  I could sense my feeling for him getting weaker and weaker, until they were no longer there.  He was exciting and flirty the first day i met him, but was boring everyday since.  I really thought i liked him, we connected.  But not anymore.

A few days later Hayley invited me over for a little get together with "a few" people.  It wasnt a party, but there were definately more than a few people there, including Mike.  We made awkward eye contact a few times, and then he came over to me.  He sat down on the couch next to me and said exactly this, "hey."  I wouldnt have minded in other circumstances, but because we hardly talked anymore it was a little too impersonal and awkard.

"Hey." I said, with a little dissapointment and anger.

"Sorry i havent been texting you lately, Ive been pretty busy doing stuff."

"Oh it's no problem, i have too." I said, snobely.

"Yeahh. Well anyway, this is Niall." 

I totally hadnt seen the guy standing behind Mike.

"Oh, hey! Its nice to meet you Niall."

"You too! Ive heard a lot about you."  He said with a cute Irish accent.

I laughed

"Whats funny?" He said while smiling

"Your accents cute."  I smiled and laughed again.

"Oh, thank you! Everybody always says that, i dont get why"  He giggled.

Mike rolled his eyes. "Why dont i leave you two alone."  He said sarcastically and walked over to Hayley who was on the other side of the room.

Niall and i contuined to talk throughout the "gathering."  I felt happy around him, much like i first did with Mike, only it was a little different with Niall.  He was warmer.  I didnt want our time talking to run out, but it eventually did.  He asked for my number kindly and gentlely.  I kept seeing Mike look over, with anger in his eyes.  I laughed inside.

Later that night after i got home, Niall texted me.

"Hey you(:"


"Hows it going?"

"Good! I just got back from Hayleys, hbu?"

"Im alright thanks!  I really enjoyed tonight, youre fun to be around."

I smiled.

"Lol, i try to be.  We should hang out again(:"

"Definately! Im free Tuesday.."

It was summer so we had no school.

"Tuesday it iss! What would you want to do?"

"Im up for anything!"

"Welll, you could come over and we could watch a movie or something and then meet my friend Rachel and her boyfriend at the lake.."

"Haha, sounds like funn.  When should i come over?"

"Around 12?  Ill make you my famous grilled cheese(;"


"I have to go to bed now, ill talk to you laterr, night!"

"Goodnight Kathryn"

I woke up at nine the next day to the sound of my phone recieving a text.  Seconds after, i got a second message.  I grabbed my phone and read the first text, but that one wasnt from Niall.  It was a message from Mike.

"How cute, Kathryn and Niall.  Niall and Kathryn.  Mrs. Horan.  Way to ditch me?  We didnt talk for 2 days and you quit on me? I dont get girls and i never will.  You, are a bitch."

I knew imediately how to respond.

"i can tell Niall actually cares.  He texted me last night and i woke up to a text from him saying, "Good morning, beautiful(:"  Which i didnt, but its ok to tell a white lie every once in a while. "Unlike you Niall warm, and sweet.  I thought i liked you, but i now i dont.  Im not a bitch, im just not afraid to say how i feel.  Im sorry, but im giving Niall a chance."

I felt a little bad saying that, but Mike cant just think it's ok to not talk to a girl and then expect her to be fine afterwards.

I read the second text, it was from Niall, saying exactly what i told Mike Niall said, "Good morning, beautiful(:"  I responded as any girl with a brain would.  We talked the entire day.  Tuesday could not come soon enough.

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