While We're Young

A girl named Kathryn meets a boy named Niall, and they grow very fond of eachother very fast. They spend their summer together everyday. There are a few bumps in the road, but they try to make their way through them.


4. Best Gift of All

I hear the sound of my alarm go off.  I look over at my nightstand and it says 9:00.  I get up and throw on a sweatshirt and remember that todays my birthday! i smile to myself and walk to the kitchen, where pancakes and nutella are waiting for me.

"Happy Birthday angel!"

My dad greats me and i smile.

"Wheres mom?" I ask

"There was an emergancy at work, she had to go in early today and--"

My dad was cut off by the sound of my phone ringing.  I looked at the ID and it said, "Niall<3."  I glowed with happiness and picked up.

"Hellooo..?" I smiled to myself.

"Goodmorning, gorgeous! Happy birthday, love."

"Thank youu Niall." I didnt stop smiling.

"I was wondering if you wanted to spend the day with your lovely, hot, sweet boyfriend?" He said sarcastically, but i knew all of it was true!

"Sure Id love to!  What will we be doing?"

"It's a surprise! Come to my house at 10:00 and bring a bathing suit a towel and comfortable clothes and shoes for the day."

"Hahah, alrightt! Ill be there soon then!"

"Bye sweetheart!"


I inhaled my pancakes, threw on some jean shorts and a t-shirt, slid on my flip flops and said goodbye to my dad.

"As long as youre having a wonderful birthday! Love you! Drive safe!" I heard him scream as i was climbing into my car.

I was driving so fast, sorry dad, that the normal 15 minutes getting to his house was only 5 minutes long.  I pulled into his driveway and raced into his house meeting him at the door to his room.

"Woah there! You got here fast!" He said surprised.  "Wait a sec, thats no way to treat my girlfriend on her birthday! I should be happy shes here! and boy am I," I smiled and blushed and he smiled back, leaned down and kissed me.  Not making out, but not a peck either.  He knew just how to do it, how to make more in love than i thought was ever possible.

"So whats the surprise!?"

"Youll see when we get there!" He laughed at my "pain"

"Tell me pleaseee!" I begged, but he didnt spill.

We climbed into his car.  With one hand, he backed up the car, and i looked down as his other hand while his fingers were intertwining with mine on my lap.  I smiled.  I always smile around him.

"Please tell me?" I begged once more.

He looked at me very seriously.

"Fine, fine.  Im taking my wonderful yet pushy girlfriend to six flags for her birthday."

I love six flags.  I love the thrills and how much fun i have there.  I love roller coasters and amusment park food and the water park.  I love when i feel like im flying.  That happens on roller coasters and in his arms.  I lunged forward and gave him a huge hug and kiss forgetting that we were on the highway.  We swerved to the right, but then quickly to the left again.  Luckily no one was around us.

We both burst into laughter.

"Are you crazy!?" He yelled, still laughing.

"I guess a little...for you."

Cheezy, but it had its charm.

He started cracking up.  "You dont know how corny that was..but still cute."  He smiled.

We kissed, but safely this time.

We arrived at six flags and he opened my door for me.

"What a gentleman." i said sarcastically, he winked.

We held hands the whole day, never letting go.  I would tell you more about the amuesment park, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.  I had so much fun.  We both bought batman capes and ran to the car still, holding hands.  My lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner and got my home by 9.  He came in to say hi to my parents and they ended up having a conversation until 9:30.  They invited him to come watch a movie with us.

I took a seat right next to him on the couch.  But then my dad took a seat right in between us jokingly.

"Ha. Ha. very funny dad."

I scooched back over next to Niall.

"I had a wonderful time today." I whispered. "Thank you for everything."

"Anything for you, love."

He was about to lean down to kiss me, but unfortuantely we both looked over at my dad who was staring us down, jokingly, but seriously at the same time.  So he didnt make his move.

After the movie, i walked Niall to his car and kissed him goodnight.

"Happy birthday, darling."

Although i talk like Niall and i love eachother, we've never said it to eachother.  I love him, Ive just never told him.  I thought he would say it now, but he didnt.  I was a little upset, but i wasnt going to push it.  He treated me like a princess all day.

"Thank you, hun."

We kissed, and he drove off into the night.

I walked upstairs into my room and layed on my bed.  My clock said 11:47.  I closed my eyes for what seemed like 2 minutes, but ended up being 10.  I was awoken by a knock on my back door in my room which lead the was to my balcony, which i rarely used.  I opened the door.

"Hey," said a familiar Irish accent.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" I asked calmly.

"I forgot something..." he said.

"What is it?"

"I love you.  So incredibely much, Kathryn.  Im deeply, passionatly in love with you.  Ive known it for a while, i just never said it because it was never the right time.  But about 10 mintues ago, i realized it didnt need to be the right time for me to say it.  The right time would be afterwards, when, hopefully, we would be holding eachother in passionate love."

I stood there shocked.  I didnt know what to say.  I loved him so incredibely much too! Do i just say that or...?

"I love you, too, Niall.  So much, so soo soo much.  You make me so happy, and excited, and..and..."

He leaned down and kissed me.  It lasted for a while.  It was the perfect moment, just like he described.  It was like a fairytale.  We stood there holding eachother.

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