Summer Love

Melanie and her bestfriend Elizabeth go to London, England for the summer. On the plane there, they are lucky enough to be sitting next to 2 of the 5 one direction boys. What will happen from there?


6. Chapter 6:

In the car I sat in between Liam and Niall, and held Niall's hand the entire time. "So, what's going on between you two?" Liam asked us. I looked at Niall, then back at Liam "we're dating" I said as Niall gripped my hand tighter. "Awww.." I heard the 4 boys say on cue together. "You're perfect together" Liam said to us, we all laughed and Niall said "Liam, you sound like a girl when you say that." The whole car continued laughing and Liam blushed, Niall kissed my head then leaned down and whispered in my ear "you have no idea how much you mean to me" I smiled and leaned in and kissed him.
After a 30 minute car ride, and Louis asking the entire time of when we were gonna be there, we finally arrived. Niall and I stepped out of the car still hand in hand. He looked at me and kissed me on the cheek, then placed his hand around my waist, pulling me closer. I smiled, this was going to be a great day, I thought.
"Who wants to go in the water?" Louis asked. "Wanna?" Niall said to me "yes, of course!" I replied, slipping my romper off and then next thing I new there were two strong arms wrapped around my waist "Niall! Put me down!" I yelled, laughing and hitting my fists on his arms. No use. Next thing I knew, I was hitting water. I rose from the water, smoothed my hair done and stopped Harry and Niall laughing and me. I walked towards both of them, "not funny!" I said and splashed them both with water. Harry picked me up and tossed me into the water again, I decided to play a sick joke on them and stayed under the water for a bit. "Harry? Why isn't she coming up.."'I hear Niall say. "Dude I seriously don't know, no one can hold their breath for that long" Harry replied "Mel!!" Niall said as he grabbed my arm under the water, I came up, laughing and smoothing my hair done again. "Gotcha!" I laughed. Both of their faces look relieved, "geez woman! You scared us half to death" Harry said. "Don't underestimate me next time" I said, winking at them, then jumping on them both at attempt to get them into the water. I seriously loved these boys.
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