Summer Love

Melanie and her bestfriend Elizabeth go to London, England for the summer. On the plane there, they are lucky enough to be sitting next to 2 of the 5 one direction boys. What will happen from there?


5. Chapter 5:

Authors note: hey guys!:) so I have written up to chapter 9 on paper, and I will be trying to update as much as possible but I do have school work to do. I promise I will post at least once or twice a week, and once I reach chapter 9 I will continue writing from there. Thanks for reading, xoxo!

I woke up the next morning and checked my phone, I had a new text message, and a tweet. I opened the text message and smiled as soon as I read the name "From: Niall Horan:): good morning, beautiful! Would you and Beth like to come to the beach with the boys and I this afternoon? Let me know once you wake up!xx" I quickly hit reply. "To: Niall Horan:): morning! And yes, I would love to! What time?xx" and then I hit send. I read the tweet "@Louis_Tomlinson great meeting two lovely girls yesterday! @Mellll and @elizabeth_ I think we're going to be great friends!x" I replied saying "@Louis_Tomlinson great meeting you boys too! See you in a bit xx" when I finished with that, Niall had texted me back. "From: Niall Horan:): the boys and I will pick you up in about 20 minutes!x" I smiled and replied, "To: Niall Horan:): sounds great! See you then x" I went and woke up Beth and told her our plans for the day, she got up and yelled out "I thought that was all a dream! I need to get ready!" I laughed at her and walked back to my room. I pulled out a pink strapless bikini, and put it on, then overtop I put a pair of jean shorts, and an American eagle tank top, I slipped on a pair of black toms and went downstairs. "Hey mom?" I called out. "Yes, dear?" My mom answered, I could tell she was in the living room, so I went and sat down next to her. "Beth and I are going to go to the beach today" I told her "with who?" My mother asked, "just some friends I told her" Beth came downstairs and sat in the hair across from us "that's bull, Mel. I know something's going on between you and Niall, spill the details." She said to me. I told my mom and Beth everything, how he told me he liked me, how I said I was afraid to like him, the kiss, and that we're now dating. My mom and Beth both smiled and hugged me. "That's lovely, dear. I hope you two are happy together" my mom said to me. I smiled, then heard the doorbell ring, I shot up to go get it, knowing it was Niall. I opened the door to see his smiling face. "Niall!" I said while hugging him. "Hey babe" he replied with a kiss on the lips. Beth and my mom came out of the living room, Niall made eye contact with Beth and said "Harry's waiting for you in the car, he's pretty excited to see you." She smiled and made her way outside. I introduced Niall and my mom, and they seemed to get along well, which was perfect. After 5 minutes of talking to my mom, Niall and I were in the car with Beth and the rest of the boys and were heading towards the beach.
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