Summer Love

Melanie and her bestfriend Elizabeth go to London, England for the summer. On the plane there, they are lucky enough to be sitting next to 2 of the 5 one direction boys. What will happen from there?


3. Chapter 3:

"So what are you doubt in Canada, beautiful?" Niall asked me. "Oh, I actually live here" I replied, he looked really disappointed "aw, I thought I was going to be seeing a lot of you during they summer since we're off tour." He said, frowning. "My friend Beth and I are actually staying in London all summer, and since I just finished school, I was planning on looking for a flat out here. I was born in raised in London, and I've been away for 4 months and just miss it so much." I told him. A smile grew on his face, making me smile as well.

We got off the plane, I felt so tired considering the 7 hour flight, and 5 hour time difference.

"The boys and I were planning on going to a movie, if you and Beth wanted to come?" Harry asked me. I shook my head, "I'm actually gonna go home and go to sleep. Thanks though, Beth can go without me" I answered, Beth asked me if I was sure, and I told her I was positive and to have fun. I turned to leave, when someone grabbed my arm, stopping me. I turned around to see Zayn's smiling face. "You can't leave without our phone numbers" I handed them my phone, and they all programmed numbers, twitters, and blackberry messenger pins. Louis actually tweeted on my account "oh my god!! I just love @Louis_Tomlinson soooooo much! He's the best!xx" and afterwards I wrote "written by the man himself! @Louis_Tomlinson great meeting ya! x" I smiled, and hugged everyone goodbye then turned to leave again, and was stopped for the second time. This time, by Niall. "At least let me drive you home" he smiled. I politely accepted and got in his car. "Well. Nialls in love" we heard Liam say. We both just laughed,
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