Retracing Blue Eyes (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A One Direction fan fiction! Monica has suffered a terrible concussion and has lost the last two years of her memory, including anything about her boyfriend, Niall Horan. The two of them struggle together to try and retrace their love story, and Niall has to make Monica fall in love with him all over again. Will she give up? Or will she try to live out the rest of their relationship in a confused state?


9. Chapter 9

            I truly wish that I could remember him and how much he meant to me. He must have been something special if we had been together for a year, and he was still here through all of the grit and tears. I can’t believe he’s giving me a piggy-back ride right now- he’s so cute... wait I didn’t just say that. Don’t think like that, you can’t like him yet- he may know you but you don’t know him anymore. Take it easy. Oh what am I saying? I’m talking to myself now? I’ve gone crazy...

            Niall clutched Monica’s legs under his arms as her own arms hugged his neck closely, ensuring that she didn’t fall off.

“Are we there yet?” Monica said in his ear quietly. A grin crossed Niall’s face.

“A bit impatient now are we? Almost there- trust me; and you aren’t the one carrying another person!” He said with a huff.

“Sorry I’m heavy okay? Haven’t gotten out of the house much if you hadn’t noticed,” she said sarcastically with a chuckle. The forest path opened up ahead of them in the large, local park. Niall marched over to a picnic table and slowly let Monica slide off of his back onto the soft grass. She sat down at the table and looked around.

“It’s really peaceful here...” she noted, gazing at the green evergreens, luscious green grass, and quiet scenery. The table was placed in a clearing where the blue sky could be seen above and birds occasionally zipped by overhead. Niall sat down right next to her.

“Yeah, I like to come here when I need to get away for a while. I thought you would like it.”

“It’s fantastic... but now I think I will have to make it my hiding place,” she laughed and folded her hands in her lap. Niall smiled brightly and shuffled so that he was sitting close enough to her that she was unsure of what to do. Instead they both sat there just enjoying the peaceful scenery and each other’s company. Not a word was said for a while, and for once it wasn’t an awkward silence but a comfortable one.

“Bet I could beat you in a game of hide and seek,” Niall finally said and turned to look at her with a spark of playfulness dancing through his eyes.

“I bet you could,” Monica raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms.

“You aren’t even going to try?”

“Well I can hide, but not very fast. If you remember, it’s hard to walk.”

“Right... So I will count to one hundred! That should be enough time right?” Monica sighed but had a huge grin on her face.

“Alright, start counting,” she said and stood up. As she waddled away from the table, Niall’s counting grew quieter. Monica found a nook behind a hollowed out tree with a bush to cover herself. This was the best spot!

“62. 63. 64...” She heard his voice calling from the distance. The sound of his voice, for some odd reason, gave her butterflies. She shoved the feelings away as he finally reached 100. “Here I come ready or not!” There was a moment of silence before she heard him yelling from her left farther along the path. “I’m going to find you!” He then erupted in an evil laugh, and Monica couldn’t help but snicker while covering her mouth trying not to laugh. “There’s no escaping Niall! The world’s greatest hide and seek mastermind!” He shouted. She was sure that he was getting odd looks from other pedestrian’s as they tried to enjoy their own morning stroll through the park. Monica heard footsteps a few trees away. She held her breath, still clutching her mouth so that he didn’t do anything to make her laugh. “Oh Monica... I see you,” he said with a creepy voice. She laughed but muffled it quickly and held her breath. After another minute of Niall going back and forth right in front of her hiding place, he finally turned and spotted her crouch up against the tree trunk. “Now I really do see you!” He smiled and ran up to her. Before she could stand up he scooped her in his arms around her waist and helped her up.

“You found me,” she smiled brightly and looked up at him.

“Now you have to find me,” he said, but dared not to let go of her. This was probably the first really close contact that the two had shared since her accident, and somehow to Monica it felt totally normal. The butterflies flew like they always had as Niall stared deeply back into her own brown eyes.

“But that could take forever!”

“Ya you’re right...” he gave her a look as if he was pondering her statement, “I guess forever is too long, I’d miss you too much.” This caused Monica to blush and look down at the grass which only gave Niall a reason to smile at knowing he had made her blush. They stood there for a minute as Niall just held her close to him without either daring to move. Monica looked up at his face and with her right hand she reached up and stroked his cheek with her thumb.

“I know that I should know you...” she whispered.

“That’s why I hoped to know you again. We’re just retracing our steps a bit,” Niall said quietly back to her and not flinching at her smooth touch along his cheek.

“It’s difficult.”

“What is?”

“Falling in love with you.” They studied each other’s faces for a moment longer in silence until Niall finally spoke up.

“Would it be okay if I kissed you right now?” Monica stared intensely into his blue gaze. Instead of giving him an answer she leaned forward on her tip toes into his embrace. He pulled his own face to hers slowly, their breaths mixing and tickling each other’s lips before Niall finally pressed his lips to hers. It was a gentle, slow kiss that made both of their hearts soar. Monica could feel his heart beating from where her left hand was pressed against his chest as her other hand held his jawbone to her own lips. His were soft and made her butterflies worsen like a stampede. As they finally broke the connection, Monica stared up at the boy with blue eyes as he stared back at her.

 A new feeling overtook both of them- hope. Hope that a relationship could blossom again, and hope that it would stay.

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