Retracing Blue Eyes (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A One Direction fan fiction! Monica has suffered a terrible concussion and has lost the last two years of her memory, including anything about her boyfriend, Niall Horan. The two of them struggle together to try and retrace their love story, and Niall has to make Monica fall in love with him all over again. Will she give up? Or will she try to live out the rest of their relationship in a confused state?


7. Chapter 7

Niall stopped walking; he’s just standing there at the end of my walkway, staring at me. I stood up as fast as I could without causing too much pain. Niall saw me moving and jogged down the path to me as I was limping as fast as I could up to him. He of course reached me first and we stared at each other for a brief moment. I could tell that he wasn’t sure what to do. We were friends; I just really missed having someone care about me so much, so I made the first move. I wrapped my arms around his torso and pressed my face under his neck. He returned the embrace and held my back with his strong hands. It felt so right, and at the same time... so wrong.


            “I’m sorry I just let you go like that... you were so kind to me,” Monica said in between the sniffles and trying to hold back what little tears she had left. Niall’s hand reached up and held her head gently against him.


“Shh... no it’s okay.”


“No it isn’t!” Monica said defiantly and moving so that she could look up at him. “You were so nice to me... I just thought you should move on, rather than waste your time on a girl who doesn’t even remember who you are.” Monica’s tears streaked down her face, reflecting the orange sky upon her skin.


“I would never let go of you that easily. You may not know who I am, but I know who you are. I believed that if you were willing to try, we could get to know each other better again.” His soft blue eyes looked deeply down into her chestnut ones. Niall swept his thumb across her cheek to wipe away her tear. Monica dove back into his embrace and buried her face in his shirt. He was the best friend she never had, and she almost lost him. Monica realized there could not be anything wrong with being friends with someone, could there? She would try to be more friendly towards him, but not too friendly.


“I missed you,” she said finally. Niall pressed his cheek against the top of her head. She would try to be more friendly towards him, but it seemed as if he was already quite friendly towards her; something that worried her about their impending relationship.


“I missed you too,” They broke the hug and he smiled down at her.


“I’m sorry I shoved you away like that...”


“Hey now you already apologized for that, and I finally understood your reasoning. That’s why I came back here to see how you were doing.”


“I’m glad you did.” Both of them smiled.


“What if I visited tomorrow?” Niall suddenly asked.


“I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all,” she smirked up at him.


“Then I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said with a shrug of his head and turned to leave. Monica watched as he turned to wave at her once more before trailing off down the road. She looked around at the darkening world; one star twinkled above her. She made a wish on the first star and when she opened her eyes again all she could think about for the next hour until she crawled into bed was the boy with the blue eyes.

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