Retracing Blue Eyes (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A One Direction fan fiction! Monica has suffered a terrible concussion and has lost the last two years of her memory, including anything about her boyfriend, Niall Horan. The two of them struggle together to try and retrace their love story, and Niall has to make Monica fall in love with him all over again. Will she give up? Or will she try to live out the rest of their relationship in a confused state?


5. Chapter 5

1 week later- Monday


            I don’t have feelings for him... I deny it. He is friendly and caring, but I don’t think we should be rushing into a relationship like that, especially not so soon after my accident. I have been reconnecting with my other friends and family, most of whom I remember. Why is it just the boy with blue eyes that I can’t wrap my mind around? I know that I should know him, but I don’t. He visits everyday and we do something different. We’ve played video games, talked a lot, told stories... but every day before he has to leave we go out onto the porch and sit on the bench. It still takes much effort to walk, but it gets easier and easier because he helps me. I don’t know what I would do without him... probably rot on this couch.


            Monica sat continued to sit on the couch bored; trying to flex her wrist... it hadn’t gotten significantly better. The light streamed into the room and illuminated the living room while she waited, her eyes flicking to the door in anticipation. She didn’t know what she was waiting for. Possibly an instant healing... that would be nice; but she realized that she was probably waiting for Niall. She shook the thought away. She knew that she didn’t want to be anything more than friends with him. He was very sweet, but she was sure he had other friends to hang out with rather than visit her every day after school. In fact, he had told her several brief stories about some of his mates; Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn, and all of the antics and trouble that they would muster up together. He could just go back to hanging out with them right? Her thoughts were interrupted when her mom came in the room to talk to her a moment. “The doctor called. He said that you won’t have retained anything that you’ve learned in school from the last 2 years and that some summer schooling might help you...” Monica looked up at her in confusion.


“What does he know? Maybe I remember things... like math and what books we did in English, and... other things.” She said trying to sound like she knew what she was talking about.


“Mhmmm... and what Shakespearean play did you do last year?” She said crossing her arms trying to help Monica understand exactly why she needed special schooling.


“Uuuh... Mid-Summer Nights Dream?” She said with a guilty smile. Mrs. Roe smiled.


“That was what you studied in grade 9... At least you remember that.” She sighed and turned back into the kitchen. Monica pouted on the couch. She could remember things... if she wanted to. Why did life have to suck so much right now? She stared at the ceiling when an idea popped into her head. She swung her legs over the edge of the sofa and braced herself on her good arm. Her ankle was much better but she still got dizzy and pained when she stood up. She hobbled her way around the couch slowly... that was until she realized that this was her first time walking without the help of Niall. She smiled, maybe she would be back to normal sooner than she thought; or at least she hoped so. Monica shuffled quickly to the door and clung to it like a breath of fresh air.  She opened the front door and made her way across the porch to the white bench that overlooked their colorful garden and the green grass that stretched for a while until colliding with the road. Releasing herself onto the bench with a sigh of relief she sat calmly in the shade of the bright sunlight and waited. She had to admit it... she was waiting for the boy with blue eyes. When he was with her she could forget all about her memory loss and focus on the moment, with just the two of them.


            Niall walked along the road; one hand in his jean pockets, the other clutching the daisy’s familiar stem. The days were getting warmer and he hoped Monica would be feeling better today. Then again he wished for that every day. Niall’s love for her was strong, and after her accident it was as if he had to fall in love with her all over again. Luckily it was the same person, her personality hadn’t really changed, but she had just lost memory of anything between the two of them. He turned up the stone path that led to her small blue house. Flowers dotted the sides and climbed up the banister to the porch. Niall watched the ground, preparing himself to see the girl he loved. He looked up as he walked up the stairs and was about to knock on the door when his hand stopped. Niall swiveled his head to the right, and there sat Monica, beautiful as ever, sitting patiently with her hands clasped in her lap and her eyes resting on him with a cheeky smile. How had she gotten up by herself? He stared for a moment longer then went over and sat next to her in silence. Niall gently handed her the daisy and she smiled brightly at it, and then looked up at him. It was the most amazing thing ever, and his heart fluttered with joy for her. “How did you get out onto the porch?” He said finally after the long silence.


“I walked out...” Monica chuckled as if it was obvious.


“No one helped you?” Niall looked at her questioningly.


“No. I- I wanted to surprise you.” Monica smiled again and looked out over the yard. “I guess it worked.” Niall laughed.


“Yeah, I’m pretty surprised. But that’s great! It didn’t hurt too much did it?” He said with a flash of worry on his face.


“Oh no, not too much. Nothing that I can’t handle.” Niall smiled, she was very strong-willed.




            Monica held her hands together in her lap, clutching the daisy. She stared at the soft petals that traced the yellow center and how lovely it was. She turned her gaze back to him when he wasn’t looking and quickly turned away as his eyes rested back on her. She dared not start anything. That’s when the thought hit her. She did not love this boy, or at least she probably shouldn’t; it would be better for both of them if he never came to visit again. With a heartfelt sigh she began their last conversation.


“I don’t think you should visit anymore.”

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