Live Laugh Life <3 Diary Of Sasha Louisa Kent

Its about this girl who is doing her own blog and is writing a diary about her life and boys!<3


1. Life In My Shoes Sasha Louisa Kent <3

This Story is About A Young Girl Called Sasha Louisa Kent. She Is 15 Years Old And Just Starting High School And She Meets This Handsome Young Boy Named Conor May He Is 16 Years Old A Year Above Sasha.


Dear Diary

Today Was My First Day In High School I Loved It The Rush And Laughter In Lessons and the teachers so kind lovley and sweet. Today I met this boy Conor he was a stunner he looked like Aston Merrygold Jls Boy

In my first lesson Art and in art i had to sit next to conor and he just kept talking about how cute i looked we had'nt even met yet or spoke properly and the way i got to know his name was on frount of everyones lokers they have your name on them.

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