Live Laugh Life <3 Diary Of Sasha Louisa Kent

Its about this girl who is doing her own blog and is writing a diary about her life and boys!<3


2. HighSchool So Far!<3

6th April 2012

Dear Diary

So its my 6th week at High School so its nearlly my first School dance...

Me and conor get on really well so i took him to meet my mum and my mum though he was awsome so conor said before he left Sasha Louisa Kent will you come to the dance with me and i said YES! so i cant wait now one more sleep and it a School Dance.

--------------------------------7 Hours Later -------------------------------------------------------

The day of the school dance oh my god i cant wait....

Conor knocked my door my mum answered it and he was in a black suit with a red tie and i took 2 hours to get ready my pink ball gown is ready to badazle my mates and a red bag to match his tie.

so Conor took me out doors and there was a limo waiting for us and we went to the dance and all my mates were impressed by him.

2 hours later

It was the slow dance and me and connor got up and danced toghther and i lent in and we kissed.


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