A Couple of Poems

These are a couple of poems i have written being inspired by recent events in my life
have you ever doubted yourself to the point where you think you should just kill yourself?
Did you think about the life left behind, and your loved ones
The feelings of a would be mistress


6. The mind


A single tear blood red

Porcelain skin marred

Fine cracks a spider's web

Infinite stretching across my mind.


Shards fly, I'm breaking, breaking


Thoughts pour a waterfall

jumbled against each other.

Fighting I lose the good fight.


A map of the world in red

Heaven and hell and another place right beside

Locked out, thrown out, dragged out.

I drift...

No anchored 

Jailed inside my own mind


Am I my own ward?

Will I leave this self imposed prison?

No I'm protected. Reality is to real

The past. present, future or maybe

Reality skewed future,past, present?

I can't follow the line its all too much



Fine cracks appear a gentle nudge

I shatter my own mind. 









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