A Couple of Poems

These are a couple of poems i have written being inspired by recent events in my life
have you ever doubted yourself to the point where you think you should just kill yourself?
Did you think about the life left behind, and your loved ones
The feelings of a would be mistress



Once upon a time in a land that never was

Lived a wicked young girl, and a charming young prince

Of to see his lady fair with bright, golden hair a prince this way walked.


In the gloomy forest lies the cottage of the wicked  girl...

Once in a  blue moon these two met. Oh to be in such a place.


Once upon a time in a land far away a crow once said

 therein lies the way of the wicked

Heed thy words for, once they shall be said.

The prince off to see his love carried on through the gloomy forest

Once upon a time in a land far away lives a wicked young,

and a  charming young prince two feet under the gloomy forest floor.

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