A Couple of Poems

These are a couple of poems i have written being inspired by recent events in my life
have you ever doubted yourself to the point where you think you should just kill yourself?
Did you think about the life left behind, and your loved ones
The feelings of a would be mistress


5. Lily Anne My Sweet

Lily Anne My Sweet

Your Skin as white as a peace lily

Your lips as pink as a desert rose

Your eyes are as blue as larkspur

Your hair as black as an Inkberry 


Oh Lily Anne My Sweet 

Your Love is a poisonous as the belladonna 

Your favourite kind of Flower

Monkshood purple your favourite kind of colour


Lily Anne My Sweet

They call you Midnight

As if the night could keep one such as you


They call you the Queen of poisons

But to me my Queen you will always be Lily Anne

As you feed me the shiny red berry of the rowan

I go trustingly to my death for you are Lily Anne My Sweet 




All plants listed are poisonous. This poem is inspired by the books I am currently reading called The Poison Diaries by Maryrose (Wood Northumberland)







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