The first story of my "Deity Saga". Meant for the Runescape Creative Writing Contest, Antebellum is a story about a young adventurer named Allen who stumbles upon a clan called StainedSilence. As a member he soon becomes acquainted with many of the clan's other members. However, an ancient evil is ready to reveal itself to the world once again. Will Allen be the hero world needs.



1. Welcome

"Good fight!" he said as the blade of his sword cut across my chain mail.

   The crowd roared with excitement as I stumbled backwards, facing my imminent end. He approached me. With his shadow cast upon me, I looked at him. His intimidating stature, his savage eyes, and his sly smirk filled my heart with hopelessness. The expression on his face was horrific. It was a face of crazed anticipation, cold like ice, anxious to scavenge my corpse for valuables. Everything fell into silence and ,as the time ticked away, my final words found their way out of my dry lifeless lips. "What has this world come to..." I muttered.

  "What, I can't hear you!" he answered back. "Speak up and let me hear you whimper like a dog!"

   The crowd burst into laughter. Mocking me as I sat their battered and bleeding. Once again, silence fell. "It doesn't matter what you say now kid and do you know why?" he asked.

    I gave no answer. "Cause your weak and whatever you say isn't going to save you're dead either way."

   He charged at me with his sword in hand and I closed my eyes, accepting swift death. And then nothing... No pain, no sound, nothing but a bitter cold breeze cutting across my face. My eyes opened and widened in astonishment. Before me was him, his sword held high, but his body frozen in ice. I backed away from my attacker to see his face once more. The face of vicious anticipation I've grown to hate has now turned into the face of utter fear and discord. Beyond the ashes of the Wilderness another man stood. He wore black, degraded robes. His face was covered by shadows as his hood concealed his identity. On his back he wore an unusual cape, sleek with white with gold trims.

   The hooded man came closer and closer. My attacker was like a wild animal caught in a hunter's trap. He struggle ferociously trying to pry his body from the cold shackles. However, it was pointless as the man in the distant raised his staff while bursts of ice struck my attacker. He roared in agony as the ice tightened it's cold grip, and with no warning the hooded man was but a mere step away from his trapped victim. The man pulled out a small curved dagger and struck the trapped assailant on the spine. We all watched as the black blade pierced through layers of ice, metal, and flesh with ease. A blood curdling yell broke the silence of the Wilderness as the hooded man's black dagger detached from it's victim. Jaws dropped as my attackers corpse fell to the ground. Suddenly, panic stirred as the assailant's companions fled for their lives. The man looked at me. I tried to run but he called me out. "If you want to get out of here then take this..." he said to me. He threw a small tablet across the burnt Wilderness floor.

    "Break it and get out of here"

  Within a moments notice, I threw the tablet on the ground and departed out of the Wilderness. The next thing I knew I was in Varrock, exhausted and hurt.

  As Gielinor enjoys its age of peace, lurking beyond dark caverns an ancient evil sleeps. A door sealed away by the God of Balance. To bring peace and seal malice. A world without Gods. In a long corridor, under the bustle of city life, a group of heathens whose minds are clouded by dark desires. A group who worships absolute light to bring forth their God, only to bring chaos back to the world.

  A hooded man enters a dark corridor. As the door opens, rays of light shine bright across gilded aisles. Down the aisles a man sits on his throne, high and mighty. "Are the plans in motion?" said the man sitting on the throne.

   "The plans are in motion Patriarch" said the hooded man. "All we need is the people's support and nothing can stop us."

   The Patriarch smiles. "Well then lets rejoice!"  He told the man. "We're one step away from bringing back our lord. We just need our key."

   The hooded man grabbed a glass of wine and lifts his glass high. "A toast then Patriarch". The two man clash their glass and drank as they pray for their future. Darkness envelopes around the two men as the door to their lair shuts, tightly.

  "1,000 gold coins to repair my chain body!" I yelled. "I said I wanted to repair my armor not buy a new one!" She looked at me impatiently but stayed calm. "Listen..." she said softly. " I'm a very busy person and time stops for no one. Normally any job that requires my expertise I would accept, but you come here looking to waste my time just to fix your pathetic armor...Then you better pay me for my the time wasted!" I left the blacksmith alone with the remnants of my broken armor in my hands. In my head I thought she was out of her mind charging more money to repair my armor then it's actual worth, however, she had a valid point. I looked at the shattered remains. A legendary blacksmith like Linza is pretty busy and making her mend my chain body would just be a burden. "But still..." I said to myself. "It's not like money appears from out of nowhere..." Locked in deep thought,I wandered around Varrock aimlessly. Suddenly, it occurred to me.

    "I'm lost..."   I began to violently run around Varrock, desperately seeking for familiar ground. Without any warning, I found myself falling face first on the hard, cold ground. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me. Eyes were adjust on me as I stood up, but i notice none of them were looking at me, rather they were all looking at what caused my fall. I looked behind me and fell into astonishment. Piles of gold coins lay on the floor. I walked towards the mountain of gold and picked up every bit. "10,000 coins..." I said as I poured the coins in my money pouch.

   Then I turned and looked around. Surrounding us were heaps of gold coins that seemed to have appeared from thin air. Quickly the citizens of Varrock scrambled to grab the piles of shining coins. The fiasco endured several minutes as more gold began to appear, and as quickly as the havoc began the people dispersed with more money lined in their pockets. I stood their bewildered."23,000 coins!" I shouted out loud.

   My luck was finally turning as my mind began to wonder at the  treasures that awaited me. "Maybe I'll buy Black armour or maybe even Mithril!" I said to myself as I celebrated my new found wealth.

   Suddenly a disturbing presence made itself apparent. As I turned, there stood three figures watching me from the distance.  One was a man who wore a demonic hat. Next to him was a lady wearing a white Cabaret outfit. Next to her was another woman wearing foreign robes and a feathered hat. My eyes began to widen and my body immobilized with fear. On all three of them , they wore a sleek white cape with gold trims.

  Struck by fear I stood their in front of three strangers, a man and two women. All three baring the same attire as the mage who saved me. Suddenly the man approaches. "Well..."he said calmly. "I see you got some gold coins there. What do you plan to do with it?"

   "I don't think i'm obligated to tell you that stranger." I answered.

   "Aww don't be like that. I happen to enjoy donating to the less fortunate."

   "Wait you dropped all those coins on the floor?!"

   The man smirks. "I see your very appreciative. It's nice  to see someone who appreciates my charity. It was nothing really."said the strange man.

   "Chenner you should stop showing off." said the girl wearing a Cabaret outfit." Modesty is much more rewarding."

   "Whatever do you mean Crystal?" argued the man.

   "Crystal, Chenner?" I asked.

   "Oh yes, I am Crystal it's very nice to meet you..."

   "My name is Allen" I answered.

   "Well it's nice to meet you too Allen!" said the girl wearing a feathered hat. "My name is Anna and I am the idol of the StainedSilence Clan!"

   "StainedSilence Clan?"

   "Yes sir indeed we are the StainedSilence clan!" Anna proclaimed eagerly. "You know were famous right! We're probably the best clan out there!"

   "Huh...and you said I was showing off Crystal"said Chenner.

   Crystal rolls her eyes giggles softly.

   "But what exactly is a clan?" I asked.

   "Well sir! A clan is a group of people, a society, a set, or a party who are united by common traits, characteristics, interests,and ideology." Anna eagerly explains.

   I was baffled but Chenner easily explained to me what Anna meant. "Friends who talk a lot. Thats what we are."

   "Yup, exactly what Chenner said" said Crystal.

   "Is that so..."I said nervously. "Is it okay if I ask you guys something?"

   "Sure." All three answered in complete unison.

   "Can you tell me about your cape?" I asked.

   "Our cape?" Chenner replied.

   "Wow...what an odd question." said Anna.

   "Odd indeed..." Crystal repeated.

   The three began to talk to one another as if I had said something that may have offended them. "It's okay if you don't answer." I told the three."I was just curious because I saw a man earlier with one just like it." Then Chenner spoke.

   "This cape is our official clan cape." He explained. "Each clan in rs needs a clan cape to show clan pride."

   "You said you saw a man wearing a cape like ours, right?" Crystal asked. "Can you tell me what he looks like?"

   "I couldn't really see his face." I said. "However he wore a black robe and the exact same cape. You see... he saved me from the Wilderness today."

   The three leaned forward to hear my story. "Today I was attacked by a group of marauders. All hope seemed lost until he appeared from out of nowhere... He froze my attacker in ice, drove all of them away, and gave me the chance to escape."  The three began to talk to each other again. Then all three of them looked at me.

   "You sir..." said Anna."...have had a personal encounter with my older brother."

   "His name is Soren." Chenner answered

   "It looks like he saved you." Crystal answered also.

   "Soren?" I asked.

   "Well you see Allen..." Crystal began explaining. "We were here on a mission. That mission was to cause as much commotion in Varrock as possible. To do this Soren summoned us to drop money all around the center of Varrock. However, due to unforeseen circumstances he told us to begin our mission early while he ran off to do an errand."

   "It seems his errand was to save you. You should be really grateful." Chenner explained.

   "Hey I got an idea!" Anna announced. "Since you seem so interested in our clan...wanna join us?!"

   I tried to comprehend what I had just heard. Not only did this Soren save my life today, but I also received money and received an invitation to his clan. However..." I don't really know what a clan does..." I told the three.

   "Oh well that's easy" said Anna "We do nothing at all."

   "Nothing? Can you elaborate?"

   "Our clan is purely for relaxation and enjoyment." Crystal answered. "Normally all we do is talk, get together, meet new people, and a little mischief here and there."

   "So are you in or what!" Anna said impatiently. "You know you're interested!"

   I couldn't argue with Anna because in the long run I knew she was right. I was interested in the clan and what they do and especially interested in Soren. " I guess in wouldn't hurt. I'll join your clan." I decided.

   "Excellent! hold that thought!" Anna said as she reaches in her bag. "Here try this on!"

   Anna jumps forward and almost immediately straps the white cape along my back. "Perfect fit and looking good!" she complimented. "Welcome to StainedSilence!" The three announced.

   Suddenly voices began to come from no where. All the voices gathered collectively, all welcoming me to the clan. One voice, however, made itself credible. Out of all the voices in the clan his stood out the most. "Welcome to the clan." said Soren.  

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