The first story of my "Deity Saga". Meant for the Runescape Creative Writing Contest, Antebellum is a story about a young adventurer named Allen who stumbles upon a clan called StainedSilence. As a member he soon becomes acquainted with many of the clan's other members. However, an ancient evil is ready to reveal itself to the world once again. Will Allen be the hero world needs.



4. Prologue

     Amidst the chaos a silent figure lurks. Hidden in darkness stalkers surround the tavern. Quietly, gathering information for their insidious plot.

     A lone man approaches Naomi. He wore armor made of granite and held granite maul firmly. "Mistress Naomi."  He whispered. "We have rats outside...Would you like us to exterminate them?"

     Naomi gently puts down her drink and turns to Soren. "They're here." Informed Naomi. "What should we do with them?"

     "Hmm..."Soren pondered. "They're not causing trouble. I'll leave it up to you then Naomi."

     "Very well..." She answered. "Chase, keep an eye on them. If they do anything to harm our clan mates then your free to use force."

     "Understood my lady." Chase replied

     Within the tavern darkness lurks. A nefarious plan stirs.

     The chaos of the night seemed to last forever. Many clan members were already fast asleep. Many slept on the floors, Jennie herself had fallen asleep on the staircase, and many others went to bed in the rooms upstairs. However, the chaos was far from over. The party was still young as many members were still wide awake, most watching Lero and Rolan destroy chairs and table. I found myself eyes heavy and mind numb.   Drowsiness had finally hit. Passing by the chaos I climbed up the stairs. I turned to see Lero smack Rolan with a chair savagely then laughing hysterical before fainting. I stumbled around the darkness searching for a room to sleep. Finally a door opened and I collapsed on the bed.

     The night is late as the party continued. Soren seeing most of the party-goers exhausted began to act.

     "Alright everyone." Soren announced. "It's getting late, so please turn in for the night and sleep in your rooms upstairs."

     As the clan prepare to sleep for the night, Soren catches Naomi. "Are they still here?" He asked her.

     "No they left a while ago." She answered back. "What do you think they wanted?"

     "I'm not sure...Hopefully they don't cause us trouble." Soren replied.

     "Are you going to sleep?" Asked Naomi.

     "Yeah, It's been a fun night." Soren answered.

    Soren travels to his room but realizes something is amiss. "That's odd..." Soren tells himself.

     "What's wrong Soren?" Said Naomi.

     "Well..." Soren replied. "Their seems to be people sleeping in my bed already. I guess they were so tired they came into my room."

     Naomi laughs quietly. "What are you gonna do now? If you want you can share a room with me." Naomi offers.

     "It's alright I'll just pass on sleeping."

     "Aww...well suit yourself. Night then." Said Naomi.

     "Goodnight Naomi." Soren answered back as he heads down stairs.

     Before anyone knew it the sun crept through the windows and struck my eyes. I woke up in an unfamiliar room. Suddenly I felt a sudden tug on my left arm. Next to me was a girl with long brunette hair. She wore a white blouse and white flares. I sat on the bed confused until I finally realized who she was. Suddenly she wakes up. Rubbing her eyes, she sat on the bed and looked at me. "Who are you..?" She said drowsily.

     "I'm Allen it's nice to meet you...I guess." I introduced.

     "'s nice to meet you too Allen." She responded. "I'm Rayne. Can you explain why your in my room?"

     "I'm sorry." I apologized to her. "I was sleepy, and I guess I just picked a random room to sleep in."

     "Well actually..." A familiar voice Interrupted.

     "Your both in Soren's room." Naomi said.

     "Oh...where is Soren now Naomi." Rayne asked.

     "Well my dear...without a room he skipped out on sleeping." Naomi explained. "He's probably still down stairs."

     "Oh no!" Rayne exclaimed. "Soren didn't get any sleep cause of me...I should apologize to him right a way."

     Rayne gets out of bed and rushes down stairs at a moments notice. Naomi watches her run and then turns to me and crosses her arms. "Well new guy...I had no idea you were that kind of man!" Naomi says sarcastically. "You know you're suppose to take a nice lady like Rayne out to dinner first before getting in bed with her...Boy if Rolan finds out you'd be in some serious trouble."

     "I had no idea she was on the bed." I answered back. "I didn't even realize this was Soren's room..."

     I look around the room. All over the room were many memorabilias of Soren's past adventures. "Wow...Soren sure has a lot of stuff." I said quietly.

     "Yeah...He needs to throw some of these junks away."

     Suddenly loud chants began to echo throughout the tavern. "What's that." I asked Naomi.

     "Sounds like it's coming from outside..." She answered. "Let's go check this out."

     With many other clan members, we traveled down the stairs into the ground floor of the bar. Their we found Soren and Rayne sitting near one of the few remaining tables. "It's amazing how two men can break so many chairs in one night..." Said Soren and he heaves and a deep sigh.

     "I'm sorry...If you need help paying for all of this I'm sure Rolan and I can pitch in." Rayne offered.

     "It's fine Rayne." Soren explained. "It's actually not much money spent."

     "Whatcha two doing?" Naomi interrupted.

     "Morning Naomi!" Rayne shouted.

     "Morning Naomi." Soren echoed.

     "What's with all the noise outside!" Lero shouted loudly. "I am trying to have a manly body resting session and I can't have that when theirs loud, sissy chanting!"

     Lero then burst out of the door. "Keep it down you pathetic underlings!" He shouted.

     Citizens turned and stared at us. Many clan members exited out of the tavern as the atmosphere thickens. "Brothers! Sisters! Lend me your ears." Said a man wearing magenta robes. " Our time has come! Saradomin will return and humans will be the superior race in all of Gielinor! Beasts of Zamorak and creatures of Zaros threaten our humanity. Their vile, evil nature corrupting our world! We must raise up and destroy these beats!"

    Lero stood in front of us. "What kind of racist movement is this!" He shouted.

    Suddenly a group of hooded men turned toward us. The clan drew their weapons as the hooded men prepared for an attack. "Saradomist scum coming here and preaching about their lousy beliefs." Lero continued. "Why don't you go back to the hole you flimsy maggots came from! You don't see me yelling Zaros's name in the middle of the morning wearing girly dresses."

    "Defiler! Heretic!" Yelled the preacher. "What kind of mongrel are you!? A Zaros worshipper? Are you some kind of demon loving anarchist!"

    "Defiler? Let me tell you something you sissy cross dressing freak!" Insulted Lero. "The mighty Lero does not support a sissy free-loving hippy Saradomin god. Most certainly the great and powerful Lero does not wear wimpy pink dresses! I don't understand why extremist like you are even here...Why don't you freaks jump the to nearest Wilderness border and meet me their!"

     Suddenly a dagger flies across the crowd and hits Lero. A hooded man came before us and smiled because of the work he accomplished. Lero took the dagger from his chest and threw it across the streets. "Ahh...Can you all not feel the manliness coursing through your veins! It's...refreshing!" Lero shouted.

     He approached the hooded man, his shadow over-looking the poor assassin. The man stumbles backward. "Listen...I'm not mad." Lero tells him calmly.

     Suddenly Lero grabs the scrawny man by the skull and flings him toward the preacher. However, just as the man was about to crash into the preacher, a large, hulking man bearing the same robes appeared and caught the man in mid-air. Lero smiled seeing his next target. The clan with weapons drawn were prepared for battle. "Bring it Saradomin punks! Lets see you fair against the dragon biceps of the mighty Lero!" Lero taunted.

     Out of nowhere Soren, Naomi, and a dozen of cloaked archers appeared. "Enough!" Soren yelled.

     His voice demanding and echoing with authority. "It's too early in the morning to promote such violence..." He spoke to the crowd gently. "I suggest we all get on with our day, peacefully."

     Lero looks at the crowd and throws his maul back to his shoulder. "You're all lucky I don't have time to pound each and every single one of you to the ground!"

     Lero as well as several clan members enter the bar the quietly as the crowd dissipates. The cultist then pack their equipment and exit Varrock to who knows where. I stayed behind with Naomi, Soren, and the cloaked figures. "I'm guessing the Assassin's Branch does exist." I said to Soren.

     "Your so...very...observant Allen..." Naomi said sarcastically.

     "Well we do need to maintain the peace after all." Answered Soren.

     "Well at least no one got hurt but Lero." I replied. "Do you think he's okay?"

     "Knowing Lero...That dagger didn't even phase him." Laughed Soren. "Still...I don't think we've seen the last of them."


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