The first story of my "Deity Saga". Meant for the Runescape Creative Writing Contest, Antebellum is a story about a young adventurer named Allen who stumbles upon a clan called StainedSilence. As a member he soon becomes acquainted with many of the clan's other members. However, an ancient evil is ready to reveal itself to the world once again. Will Allen be the hero world needs.



2. Preparations



    At the cover of night, when all were home at rest. Figures of shadow scurried around Varrock. Three hooded figures entered the slums of Varrock and made their way at an old, decrepit tavern. The three sat firmly in their seats as the bartender approached. "You know shady figures are very suspicious." said the bartender. "How about you take off those cloaks and I'll serve you your drinks." 

    The strangers lifted their hoods and revealed their faces. One was a man with a bald head and a scar across his left eye. He had a cold stare of hatred and disgust as he scammed the the tavern. Another was a young lady much younger than the man. She had a long, lush golden hair that reached down toward the floorboards. Her face was fair and blemish free. Her skin smooth like silk and pale like freshly fallen snow. The final figure was another young lady about the same age as the other woman. Her hair was red and short, combed to cover her right eye. She seemed much smaller than the other woman but also seemed more secretive."What can I get you tonight?" asked the bartender.

     "I heard you served Asgarian Ale here." The bald man answered with a deep raspy voice.

     "We sure do. The Dancing Donkey Inn serves the best quality Ale around." the bartender boasted.      "Looks like a dump to me...I think that Blue Moon Inn bar seems more interesting." said the red haired woman.

     "Well..." The bartender responded with obvious annoyance. "Sure it's not the 'nicest' looking bar in Varrock, but It's all about quality and sure enough I'll make regulars out of you once you try it."

     The bartender then exits back into his counter and prepares the liquor. The three looked at one another and contemplated. "What do you think?" asked the red haired woman. "Ballenbo, do you really think this guy has what we're looking for?"

     "Well Sophy as far as I can see he's either just some poor bastard or some kind of genius to hide out here."

     The bartender approached the three. "Sorry to keep you waiting but here are your drinks." said the bartender.

     Sophy and Ballenbo grasped their drinks and raised it to their lips. Suddenly, the blond haired woman stands and knocks the glasses out of her companion's hands. She then turns and throws a knife hidden within her cloak at the bartender. The bartender falls and rolls over in pain.  "Victoria! what the hell was that for?!" shouted Sophy.

     "What kind of fool do you take me for Mr. Bartender..."Victoria asked as she approached the bartender. "I know you drugged our glasses. That means you know who we are..."

     The bartender pulled the knife out of his leg and stood up as much as he could within his power. "Know who you are...That's a good one." The bartender remarked. "Everyone knows who you are. You're all but a bunch of nut cases thinking they know what's best for the entire world."

     Ballenbo picks up the bartender and slams his body at the tavern's walls. "Enough talk...where is the keystone!" said Ballenbo.

     "As much as I'd love to tell you what you want, I don't know what your talking about." Answered the bartender.

     Ballenbo slams the bartender repeatedly on the wall. The tavern shakes and crumbles and the foundation seems to give in. "Tell us..." Ballenbo threatened. "Or I'll kill you here and now."

     "I'd rather die then sooner give anything to scum like you." Answered the bartender. "The only thing you deserve is some of that poisoned ale."

     The bartender laughs hysterically. Ballenbo puts down the bartender as the three put their hoods back on. The three exit the tavern. As the three reach the door, Ballenbo kicks the crumbling foundation of the tavern. The three walk the night once again as the tavern ceases it's existence in Varrock.

       I traveled toward Varrock wondering how only two days ago I went from an adventurer at the brink of his demise to a member of a large clan. "Hey newbie!" said my fellow clan mate.

     He had brute-like armor, spikes protruding from all sides. He wore a helmet made only by Fremenniks and in his hands was a devastating maul nearly the same length as his own body. His hair was white from countless adventures, and his body scarred from many fierce battles. He was one known as the "strongest man in the clan". His name was Lero. "Kid...If you keep day dreaming we'd never make it to the clan event." He told me calmly. "Kindly pick up your legs before I send you flying to the event."

     " harsh Lero." said another one of our clan mates.

     This one unlike Lero was little less experienced in battle. His body wasn't brutally mutilated unlike Lero but he was indeed stronger than I am. He wielded a sword that bore the mark of Saradomin and held it lightly, swinging his sword as quickly as one can swing a scimitar. He wore no armor and remained casual, wearing nothing but common clothes and his large cape with the insignia of Woodcutting to show that he has mastered the skill. "Ray." Lero said. "Soren told us to teach the newbie how to be a proper adventurer. We have to discipline him, make him earn his battle scars, maybe make him go into battle with bronze armor now and then. The point is Soren left me in charge of this poor...I mean "Lucky" soul. To build him into a man of all men, the stature of his manliness will rise like the Falador walls only nine-thousand and one times greater, that is the duty Soren has instructed me with!

     Ray and I went silent as Lero boasts about the grueling training I will soon face. "Welcome." said a young woman in red armor.

     She was one of our quieter clan-members. Often speaking the clan's discussion with short, concise answers. Her skin was flawless. Her hair shined gold, the sun reflecting off of her  as she exited the tavern. No one really knows her name but by her appearance I finally understood why her nickname was Day. "Day!" Ray shouted as he approached the tavern doors. "How are you?!"

     "I'm well. Yourself Ray?" answered Day.

     "Relieved now that we're here. Shall we head inside my friends." Ray asked.

     "Is Soren paying for the liquor?" Lero asked.

     "Soren said he's paying for everything." Day answered.

     "Is that so..." Lero said slyly.

     Lero put his hand on my shoulder and pushes both Ray and I aside. With his massive maul, he shattered several windows before entering the tavern. "I think I'm gonna like this event..." Lero said with a large grin.

     Ray, Day, and I looked at each other, wondering what could be going on in Lero's mind. I entered the bar last, as Ray and Day began their preparations, to find many familiar faces. "Hey Allen!" said a man sitting while indulging himself with ale. "Your looking well. How have you been!?"

     "I'm doing great Chenner." I replied.

     Anna and Crystal began laughing. "Chenner already started drinking before the party." Crystal explained.

     "Chenner's drunk." Anna simplified.

     "I didn't think Chenner even drank ale..." I told them.

     "Chenner doesn't...usually...but in events like this you'll often see the "wilder" side of our clan. Speaking of which...I heard that your fitting in nicely and that Lero took you under his wing." said Crystal.

     "I am and he did." I answered. "Tell me what exactly goes on during these clan events?"      

"Well...Whenever the clan reaches certain milestones, accomplishes something extraordinary, or become bored, Soren hosts clan gatherings we call events as a way to pull us away from our mundane activities." Crystal explained to me as thorough as possible.

     "I can't wait!" Anna burst with obvious excitement. "This party is going to be huge! We rented out this entire tavern , all expenses paid for by my older brother, and nearly everyone from the important people from our clan to the quieter anti-socialites will be attending!"

     "Yeah I heard even Mike is coming." A waitress interrupted.

     "Jennie! More ale!" Chenner uttered as he laid his head on the wooden table.

     "You've drank nearly half a barrel already...I think you've had enough..." Jennie refused, politely.

     "I don't care!" Chenner answered deliriously.

     Suddenly, Chenner closes his eyes as drool begins to pour out of his mouth.  "Gross..." said Jennie as she wipes the table clean. "I'm sure he'll be fine. He should wake back up before the event starts."

     Anna and Crystal begin to laugh hysterically as Chenner falls into deep sleep. "Jennie. I wanted to ask what kind of alumni or V.I.P would be coming to the event." I asked her.

     "Alumni? You mean important reoccuring or not normally seen clan members right?" she said.

     "Yes, exactly." I answered back.

     "Well..." Jennie said sitting with us as she pondered. "Mike is coming. He's a former clan member who separated from us to form his own clan. Naomi is coming along with the ten clan commanders. Alex is also coming as the clan leader's right-hand man. Finally, our wonderful Queen Aby will be graciously entrancing us with her divine charm and unquestionable allure."

     "Queen Aby?" I asked her.

     "She's our clan leader." Jennie answered. "The life of the clan, she is the very heart and our very foundation!"

     "Clan leader? I thought that was Soren..." I questioned.

     "No no no...Soren is but the brains of the clan. He's what makes our dearly beloved Queen's wishes come true. nothing more but a faithful servant." Jennie explained.

     "I see..." I told her as I begin to wonder.

     This was a lot to take in. As it seems their is more of this clan than I've thought. The ten commanders...The Queen's right-hand man...And the clan's Queen. I wonder what spectacular sights I'll be able to see once the sun sets...          


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