The first story of my "Deity Saga". Meant for the Runescape Creative Writing Contest, Antebellum is a story about a young adventurer named Allen who stumbles upon a clan called StainedSilence. As a member he soon becomes acquainted with many of the clan's other members. However, an ancient evil is ready to reveal itself to the world once again. Will Allen be the hero world needs.



3. Event

     "Jennie, can you tell me more about the important people in the clan?" I asked her.

     "Certainly."she answered back. "Lets start with the ten commanders. You've met Chenner, Crystal, and Anna. They're apart of the ten commanders. Ray and Day, who left to get some supplies for me, are also some of the commanders. The other commanders are Naomi, Ryan, Alex, and Chris. At the very top is Soren and that makes ten. Each of them are the highest ranking officers in the clan besides our glorious queen, and each of them are in charge of certain divisions in our clan."

     "Divisions?" I repeated.

     "The clan is a massive collection of people yes, but we do have some areas that needs special attention. One such division is Ryan's division which is in charge of finding new recruits. True everyone can invite someone into our clan and, if they choose to accept, they become a fellow clan mate. However, Ryan's division is fairly efficient  in bringing new blood into our clan. Rumor has it he single-handedly recruited one hundred and ten people into our clan before he was in charge of his division. It impressed Soren and queen Aby so much they formed that branch and made him it's commander. The next is the rumored assassin's branch. Led by Naomi, the clan has an extra set of eyes keeping an eye out for eminent threats toward the clan. They say the branch doesn't exist since first of all strong adventurers are the only ones capable of running a branch like that and our clan is lacking on strong adventurers. Also Naomi herself isn't much of a threat, and she's considered one of the more inactive and weaklings out of the commanders. To be honest, between you and me, I think that branch does exist. Soren once told me Naomi may not look or act like it but he says that she's a master archer and brilliant far as combat she's not the best, but when it comes to long range combat she can out match Soren easily." Jennie continued.

     "Wow..." I responded. "I had no idea this clan was so organized... can you tell me about Alex? Alex is suppose to be the queen's right-hand man. What's he like?"

     "You're asking the wrong person there buddy." said Jennie. " I don't know anything about Alex at all to be honest...Alex never really shows up or talks much in the clan."

     "I guess it's best to stay out of his way then..." I answered.

     "You know it's almost sun down...why isn't this bar prepared yet." said a voice coming from the tavern doorstep. There by the entrance was a man with brown side-spiked hair. He wore wool vest commonly worn by adventurers, dyed yellow and blue. He held a unique two-handed sword made from unfamiliar metal. The sword was gray and it's shape was unprecedented as both blades of the sword were separated by a huge gap. Next to him was a timid younger girl around mine and Jennie's age. She hid behind the man. "Oh, you two are here! Also for your information I'm waiting for Ray and Day to come back with the supplies Soren purchased." Jennie answered.

     "Really do you need any help then?" asked man standing.

     "No no, you two make yourselves at home and prepare for the event. And for crying out loud were you out in the sun training again you stink! Go upstairs take a bath and put on fresh clothes for the event. Their is no way i'm serving you food or drinks with that kind of indecency!" scolded Jennie.

     "Fine...fine...I'll fix myself up...let's go Rayne..." said the strange man.

     "I'll prepare clothes for you Rolan..." said the girl behind him.

     "That's not necessary, I moved his stuff upstairs since you two are moving in here as of today anyways. Rayne you should go change since you're going to be serving drinks with me." said Jennie.

     "Alright then." Rayne answered as the two went upstairs to prepare themselves for the event.

     "Who were those two?" I asked Jennie.

     "Veteran adventurer Rolan and his sister Rayne." She answered. "Both of them were wandering adventurers before the clan took them in. Soren insisted on having them stay in his house rather than spending cold, freezing nights outside, but the proud and reckless Rolan couldn't bare to have Soren burdened by them. Instead, the tavern's manager allowed them to live in one of the rooms upstairs as long as Rolan pays twenty-five thousand gold pieces a month."

     "Wouldn't it have been easier to just live with Soren?" I interrupted.

     "Rolan is a prideful adventurer. Mooching off of Soren would dishonor his beliefs." She answered back. "Basically it's a man's dignity on the line, and Rolan would sooner sleep in a morgue then accept Soren's hospitality."

     "Hey! We're back!" called out a familiar voice.

     "Indeed we are." said another voice.

     "Finally!" Jennie said with relief. "What took you two so long!? It's almost sun down!"

     "We're sorry...I didn't expect Soren to have purchased so many things...I should have asked Lero to help us..." Ray explained "But man what a crazy adventure just to get here!"

    "Adventure indeed." Day repeated.

     "Well don't just stand there! We have work to do!" yelled Jennie as she began opening crates after crates of decoration.

     With the sun down and night approaching the Stained Silence clan readied themselves for a time of joyous celebration and chaos. However, not all is well in the clan. A hidden secret worries Soren as an unforeseen evil lurks beneath the city of Varrock.

      Rolan approaches an opened room as he makes his way to the event. "Huh...What are you two up to?" Rolan said.

     "Oh, Rolan you're here." Soren said.

     "Well if it isn't my old are you doing you pathetic scum!" said Lero.

     "Soren and old man with white hair how's it going!" Rolan answered back. "It's been a  while how are things?"

     "Troubling really...Have a seat Rolan. Something unsettling is occurring as we speak." Soren explained. "You two remember the tavern at the slums of Varrock right?"

     "How could I forget...Lero and I used to go there to pick fights with the local  baddies..." Said Rolan.

     "Hehehe...good times..." Lero added as he laughed.

     "Well it's ashame to tell you that it's been destroyed..." Soren told the two men.

     "What? How?! Why?!?" Rolan said dumbstruck.

     "Calm yourself my worthless apprentice. Must be some thugs looking for a good time." Lero assured. "You want us to knock a few heads over there and teach some punks a lesson?"

     "Sorry Lero but that's not the case." Soren said. "I sent the assassin's branch to investigate since the king saw this as an isolated incident. They found the bar tender beaten and stabbed. In his last few seconds of life, his dying words he told us that people came after him looking for a key. A key that unlocks a great power. A horrific power sealed away during the end of the God Wars. The God's Realm Gateway..."

     "What kind of deranged nut jobs would go out killing people over some stupid legend." Lero remarked. "If you ask me it's to much of a waste of time and man power."

     "Then let me tell you guys something I found during my adventures." Said Soren.

     The candle's flames danced as the sun fell into the horizon. Darkness soon envelopes the city as Soren tells the two disturbing information about the time that came before...

     "No...way..." Rolan uttered as astonishment grabs hold of him tightly.

     "So that's probably true isn't it. And those psychopaths know where the gate is..." Lero said calmly.

     "I'm almost certain they have. Legends state that the Third Age ended when Guthix awoke and cast away the gods from our world by the Edicts of Guthix. It states that none of the gods shall interfere with the world, Gielinor, as well as it's people. Those who violate the treaty will suffer the wrath of Guthix as a group of powerful magicians have sworn to awake Guthix if the time of balance shifts once again. As a result it will destroy the world as we know it if Guthix does arise again." Soren elaborated.

     "That's insane!" Rolan exclaimed. "Who would do something so reckless if it'll provoke the god's treaty!"

     "I may know who..."Soren muttered.

     "Finally done!" Jennie shouted bursting into the room. "You three make your way downstairs the party is just about to start!"

     "Alright! I've been waiting and Soren's story was putting me to sleep!" Lero said excitedly. "Let's go!"

     "Right behind you Lero." Soren said.

     "Wait Soren!" Rolan interrupted. "Who are these people, and why would they do this?"

     Soren smiled and took a deep breath. "I'll tell you two some other time. Now isn't the time to worry about silly myths."

    Finally the night surrounds Varrock as lights and sounds of joy leak out the tavern walls. The clan gathers it's many members for the first time in a long time as adventurers trekked to Varrock to see other fellow adventurers. Wonders fill our hero's head as he sees many new faces, some low in the clan's rank while other's are seen as the clan's V.I.P.

     Lights and loud cheers scattered throughout the tavern. I watched the entrance anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of some of the clan's most prominent members. Suddenly all heads turn as three strangers enter simultaneously. One was a woman with lavender hair and cat ears and tail. Another was a man in black armor. The final man was a man in magic robes wielding a shield with a dragon's visage embedded into it. The people went silent as Crystal runs and hugs the woman with lavender hair. "Naomi! Hey it's been a while!" Crystal said as she hugs the woman tightly.

     "It's nice to see you too Crystal." The woman answered.

     "What no hi for me too?" said the man in black armor.

     "Hi Ryan!" The entire clan greeted.

     "You're all to kind!" said the man.

     "Crystal! Chenner! Anna! Hey guys the party is here!" said the magician.

     "We love you too Chris!" Anna shouted.

     I stood their amazed. Three of the ten commanders had made their appearance. This made nine all that was missing was the tenth commander and the queen herself. Suddenly the lights dimmed as a spotlight focused at the entrance. The three commanders joined Chenner, Crystal, Day, Ray, and Anna at the front table. Then Soren stood. This was the first time I've ever seen him...He wore a black shirt with a red intricate coat over it. He wore black flared pants and a black cavalier. "Fellow clan members. If you'd all kindly sit and turn your attention to the bar's entrance. She's graceful, she's talented, and her beauty melts the heart of men. All our attention belongs to you! Our breath-taking queen and goddess Aby!" Soren announced to the crowd.

    Suddenly two figures entered the tavern. One was a cloaked stranger baring our clan cape. The other was a young lady far younger than Soren and Lero. She had flawless skin, pale as untainted snow. She wore a black gothic blouse and white flares similar to Soren's. Her hair was astonishing as shades of black, red, and purple blended in perfect unison. Her eyes had a sharp piercing look as he scanned the tavern looking through each individual. She was like Soren said breath-taking...

     "Alex my sceptre please." Aby said as her voice echoed softly into everyone's ears.

     "Of course." Alex answered promptly.

     Aby raises her sceptre. "All my loyal subjects..." She began to announce. "This is a party for our clan. So make some noise already!"

     The crowd roars with cheers, applauses, and whistles. The queen takes her seat on a throne at the opposite end of the tavern. To her right was Alex to her left was Soren and around them the eight other commanders. The party broke with chaos as words flew across the hall as well as liquor and for some reason chairs. I looked at everything around me and smiled. I took a slip of liquor and thought to myself. "I'm gonna like this clan..."



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