Give Me Love, Like Her

Think about the biggest boy band in the world. They have millions of fans, sold out shows, and a supply of money that is endless. The one thing some of them don’t have is love. After years of being single and thinking about reconnecting with his best childhood friend, Harry Styles takes off into the night. He runs away from a concert, an hour before going onstage. He offers to take her somewhere.
What can she say when her best friend shows up at her door step? Yes.


2. Drive

They drove along the skinny neighborhood road, before it dumped them onto a dirt road. Harry's car bumped along the road, with a few larger bumps here and there. Harry looked over at Lyla. Her knees were tucked up to her chest, her eyes fixed on the front of the car. He thought she would be babbling about the past few years, or asking a million questions, but she was doing none of that. Harry was a bit worried about her. What is really right to take her away now?

“Lyla, isn’t it Sunday?” Harry asked. Lyla tore her eyes from the dashboard and gave a small nod. “I know how important your family dinners are... are you sure you want to miss that?”

Lyla watched him as he turned his attention back to the road. She had her doubts; however, she wanted nothing more than get away from her life. Even if that was for just two hours. Driving along the dirt road seemed different than ever before. She found it the strangest thing. She had driven down the same road hundreds of time, but this time was different. She felt like she could breathe, like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. Or maybe that was just the fact she was sitting in one of the most expensive cars she had ever seen.

Harry finally reached a main road that would lead to the highway. He looked at his redheaded friend with a smile. But she was looking the other way, down the other side of the road, which was an open field with a small yellow house in the far distance. The lights were all on, and someone was just pulling into the driveway with a small white truck.

"What's that?" Harry asked as he pointed to where she was looking.

“Oh. It’s, uh, just my favorite house in the city.” Lyla stumbled over her words. She quickly looked away from the house and forced a smile to Harry. He could tell something was wrong. He just didn’t want to pry. Harry pulled away from the dirt road and onto pavement. They reached the highway quickly and were off on the next great stretch of the adventure.

After about ten minutes, Lyla began to ask questions. “Where are we going, Harry?”

“You’ll see.” he told her with a chuckle. He merged over a lane and slouched to be more comfortable in his seat. “You are going to love it, Ly.”

Harry wanted to take her somewhere special. Harry remembered their mothers taking them to a park a few hours away. Even though it was the middle of the night, he was sure she would still appreciate the thought. He continued to drive down the highway, Lyla seemed even more restless in her seat.

"There's something up with you, I can tell. I did know you for most of my life." Harry finally announced after almost ten minutes of silence. Lyla sighed next to him and reached over to the steering wheel. Harry was about to object and tear his hand away, until she peeled his fingers off the wheel and held it in her own.

Harry looked at her for a split second, a small smile stretching across her lips. She knitted her fingers through his and rested it between them. He felt safe and warm with her hand in his. His stomach would not stop doing somersaults. He tried to hide the blood that was rising from his neck to his cheeks.

"It's nothing, Harry, I promise. It's just weird being out of the city..." Lyla explained. She shrugged her shoulders and looked out her window again. She wasn't sure what she was doing anymore. She shouldn't have agreed to this. She should just tell him to turn around.

"This is our exit..." Harry said as they pulled off the highway and onto a ramp titled: 'Rayburn park, two miles.'

Lyla couldn't help but grin and squeeze his hand as tight as she could.

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