This is a collection of poetry that I have written.


10. Dust in the Wind


Dust billows in the violent wind,

       tracks of the Great

              Wagon Trails of old.

Oxen snorting, straining, pulling,

       toiling in the harness.

A lone horse and

       his rider

              patrolling along behind.

The rifle in his arms

       hung looseley,





He's quick to draw,

       the shot echoing among the

              rolling hills.

The bandit tumbles

       from his horse,





The weary, dust-laden travelers

       halt for a brief respite,





Fitful waking dreams,

       anticipation of tomorrow.

On the final stretch,

       with victorious feelings

              having conquered all.





A few years hence, and

       forgotten memories now

              just dust in the wind.

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