For a written love

Follow Sam as she decovers the things the boys have hidden over the year they have lived together, friendships will be broken, along with false love and dreams. What will become of the band and their lives?

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1. Candy store payback

As the light shines through the windows in my bedroom, all I can think about is how I got here. In London, living out my biggest dreams. I'm pulled back to reality as I hear s soft knock on my door,

" hey sleeping beauty, wake up I made breakfast for you and the boys." Liam was the kindest person, and he sure knew how to get me out of bed.

I walk down the hall into the giant living room, that connects to two other hallways and a staircase that has a balcony overlooking the river. My goal was a step to the left into the kitchen that looks like it was taken straight out of a magazine

."hey Sam, I have to make more food, the human vacum ate all your food before you could even get half way down the hallway." Liam said appolageticly as Niall tried to hide the grin playing upon his face.

The other boys were on the floor laughing at how hard Niall was trying to not laugh, with his reddened face. I walk over to him and take a seat in his lap, making his grin turn into a smile, " you know if you keep eating my food I'm gonna waste away" I was with a giggle.

" GOOD I'LL TURN YOUR ROOM INTO A CANDY STORE!!" he said with a shove and a piece of my bacon, as he ran down the third hallway into him room.

I'm left dumbfounded on the floor, until Liam comes running screaming "do I need to get a first aid kit?" I love these boys but I swear one day their gonna kill me! I stand up and kiss Liam on the cheek saying "no I'm fine" as I finish my breakfast.



               I found myself later that day in Harry's car, going who knows where for who knows what. All he had told me was to look nice and that he wanted to talk to me about serious business.which for him this was weird, and very unexpected. " so can we turn your room into a candy store, that would be amazing!"

" NOO. I need that to you know, SLEEP!" Harry just sat there with that famous cheeky grin that is framed with his dimples.

I've always loved his smile, the way he always seemed to know how I feeling, and how he was the only person who had read my writing. My writing was something I did in my speare time, it was how I vented or relaxed, it was my everything. It's how I met one direction I year ago. I entered a writing compatition, and I had won, but somehow Harry and Paul were the only ones who read it. It still puzzled me how, I guess in the end I was happy it turned out that way. " so do you wanna help me get back at Niall for dropping me on my arse?"

" sure love what's it gonna be? Shaved head, wet bed, sell him, or hack his twitter?"

" None of those, I'm not that mean, I was thinking more of, we say Nandos no longer is in business."

" ohh that will teach him to hurt our Sam!" Harry shouted as he turned onto a dirt path.

" where are we? And you still never told me why you made me ride in this trash mobile you call a car!"

"well first this is my baby, so don't be mean to her, and second you will find out shortly, we are almost there!" I snorted and turned to face the window, the trees were just tall enough to block the setting sun making it look like gold was reflecting off their tops.

We finally stopped at the base of a hill that looked over London, the view took my breath away. A we walk up to the tree at the top, Harry seamed to be getting more and more nervous. There was a picnic basket filled with food! We ate and laughed until it had been dark for a while. " so why did you do this? I mean what happened to Elizabeth?"

" me and her broke up. Few days ago actually, it was over her not thinking I was good enough."

" wow I'm sorry to hear that, but why didn't you tell me?"

" I didn't want you to worry, but now, I have a question. Sam I don't know if you like me, but I like you, and I would love for you to be mine." DID HARRY FUCKING STYLES JUST ASK ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!



                       We packed up soon after and headed home, now all I need to do was get a little pay back on a little Irish man. "Ok so here is the plan, we shout to Niall that nandos is no longer in buisness and that we bought him the last of the Nandos he will ever be able to eat."

" so why are we doing this?"

" because he dropped me!"

" fine whatever, let's get this done with, I haven't seen him since you and Harry left at 2:00." that's really weird, Niall never hides in his room, whatever it's payback time!


This isn't normal, why is he stashed away in his room' and not caring about his favorite restraint? " Niall are you in here? Can I come in? "

I say as I open his door. I find him asleep with tear stains on his pillow, it was heatbraking to see. " Niall wake up, what's wrong?" He just looks at me with  red eyes that were threatening to pour tears at any moment.

" Sam I don't wanna talk just leave me alone, I don't want to bring you down, you should be happy. Your now with Harry." how did he know? I haven't told any of the boys? But most importantly, Why is he crying, I replay these questions along with other while I walk out of his room.

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