13 Songs (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Christina Wells never believed that she could be thrown into so much chaos. All of it starting because of one very interesting guy- Harry Styles. Harry falls in love with Chrissy, but after his own mistakes, will she take him back? The story follows Chrissy and Harry through a deeper meaning into the album "Up All Night" and where the songs originated from.


6. Tell Me A Lie

~1 month later~

Chrissy and I have been getting closer over the last month ever since our first date. I had waited a while to officially ask her on our first date because I was trying to think of perfect thing to do. It was a lot harder than it seemed! For a week after that she would fall asleep in my arms, curled up on the couch. I felt like the luckiest man on the planet- that I had saved this girl that one night on my way to the club.

Lately though Christina has been disappearing on several nights a week. Being the curious teenager that I am, I was intrigued as to where she had been going. Usually it was every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday that she’d sneak off, leaving me to hang out with the boys. I guess hanging with my best friends wasn’t so bad but knowing that Chris was somewhere that I had no knowledge of worried me.

I walked into the kitchen this Thursday afternoon, wondering if Chrissy was thinking of ditching us again tonight.

“Hey Chris... were you leaving again tonight?” She turned around from her spot at the kitchen counter and looked into my eyes briefly before shifting her gaze to the floor guiltily.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“What are you doing? Clubbing? A sport of some kind?” I said sitting at the island and rested my arms on the granite countertop.

“It’s nothing- just something that I have to do.” Well that was vague. I shrugged it off and got up to leave back into my own room. She seemed more distant and I wasn’t getting a hang of the fact that she was gone- even if it was only for an hour every couple of days. There was only one thing that I knew would guarantee an answer to this puzzle- I was going to follow my girlfriend.



“Ow! Damn thorns!” I cursed under my breath, as I buried my face farther into my jacket. The white picket fence that blocked my view was the only means of keeping my stealth mode. Christina was walking along, her eyes locked on the sidewalk and her hands shoved deep into her pockets. It felt wrong doing this... but if she wouldn’t tell me then maybe this was the only to find out.

Shifting from my crouched position behind the brambles I walked along the sidewalk, almost a block behind her with my face almost covered so that she wouldn’t recognize me. Where on Earth was she going? We were entering a more eerie part of town, with only a few cute houses dotting the streets. Before we could continue down the sidewalk, she abruptly turned into an apartment building. I ducked in, making sure that she didn’t see me. Her brown hair swished through the door as the elevator closed. I watched carefully to find out that she had gone up to the fourth floor. I paced back and forth for a minute, trying to figure what else I could do. It’s not like I could go up there, and I shouldn’t stay here. I sat in one of the chairs in the lobby and waited. The elevator dinged before I had a chance to leave and out stepped Chris and... a guy. My heart sunk. She was with another guy. She clutched his hand as he looked around- didn’t seem to be very intelligent, what could she see in him?

“Come on Sam!” She called and pulled his arm lightly as the pair walked straight by me, my face towards the floor. I just hoped that my jacket and toque were hiding enough so that Chris wouldn’t recognize me. This guy, Sam, followed her tentatively out the doors and continued down the street.

What was I supposed to do now? I clutched my face in my hands. For some reason, it was obvious that Chrissy loved this guy- you could see it in her eyes. But he didn’t appear to have any clue as to what was going on. I stood up slowly and shoved my hands back into pockets. The only thing I guess that I could do was go home... I had always thought that there was something special between Chrissy and I; maybe I was wrong.



The door slammed from the lobby as I ignored the footsteps that entered the living room.

“Harry! I didn’t think you’d still be awake,” Chris’s soft voice said as she sat next to me on the couch. We could both feel the tension building in the room. “Are you alright?” She said carefully, as if she was afraid of my answer.

“Fine.” How could she not know how angry I was? She was cheating on me!

“Harry... I know when something isn’t right.” Her face turned to look at me quizzically. I returned the look and let out a large sigh.

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

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