13 Songs (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Christina Wells never believed that she could be thrown into so much chaos. All of it starting because of one very interesting guy- Harry Styles. Harry falls in love with Chrissy, but after his own mistakes, will she take him back? The story follows Chrissy and Harry through a deeper meaning into the album "Up All Night" and where the songs originated from.


13. More Than This

More Than This


~1 week later~

These past months have been anything but ordinary for me. I went from being an average Starbucks barista, to falling in love with Harry Styles. Some things are just never expected- but nevertheless it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Harry and I are happily back together. Yesterday he explained that he had come up with some ideas for One Direction’s new album; and almost all of them were about me. It’s quite an honour I guess. Liam explained to me that Harry had apparently thrown out several ideas about our relationship while they were all brainstorming and all of them were genius! The one thing that puzzled me was how Harry never told me that he came up with song ideas about me. He was being modest- this brought a smile to my face.

I tip toed quietly into the kitchen where the cold linoleum greeted my warm feet, making me shiver. The boys weren’t up yet; maybe this would give me a chance to redeem my cooking skills without Harry starting another food fight. The fond memories brought another smirk to my lips as I pulled out the ingredients for pancakes.

“Okay let’s see if I can do it properly this time,” I said to myself in almost a whisper. Mixing the flour, sugar, and egg into the bowl I began to stir and as I danced lightly. Swaying back and forth, humming quietly with my eyes closed. My life seemed to be perfect right now- a decent job, an amazing boyfriend, fantastic friends, and a great place to live. Why wouldn’t I feel like dancing? After another moment, I was full out belting the familiar song and dancing sporadically around the kitchen. The imaginary music in my head abruptly halted when a chuckle sounded from behind me. I span around quickly to see Louis and Harry standing in the door with wide, cheeky grins plastered on their faces.

“Beautiful dancing there Chris,” Louis burst out sarcastically, covering his mouth to keep from laughing.

“And that’s why I’m not a dancer,” I said and set down the bowl of pancake mix. I walked over and gave Harry a quick morning hug.

“Were you trying to make breakfast for us?” Harry smiled, amused.

“Well I was... until I was interrupted,” I gave them a jokingly annoyed look.

“Fine, fine. We’ll leave you be,” Louis sighed dramatically and left.

“I think you need more help,” Harry gave me a cheeky grin.

“No! I was doing this while you were sleeping because I hoped that you wouldn’t interrupt my cooking.”

“Ouch... that one hurt,” Harry gripped his heart like I’d shot him. “Come on, I’ll get the chocolate chips.”

“You don’t have to help,” I sighed, picking up my bowl and mixing it again.

“But I want to.” Well I wasn’t going to argue with that ‘logic’.

“What are you up to today?” I asked while turning the stove burner on.

“Hmmm... I think today is National ‘spend the entire day with your girlfriend’ day,” Harry smirked over at me from where he stood in front of the cupboards.

                “If only... you have to work every day, don’t you?” I scoffed.

                “Not today. The boys said I could go elsewhere since I’ve contributed so much to the album already.”

                “That’s great! So what can we do?” I said jumping around excitedly.

                “Whatever you want,” he said and handed me the rest of the ingredients. Harry hovered closely behind me in a silence before finally speaking up.

“I love you Chris...” He said into my ear; I spun around and smiled up at him. Harry admitted that he loved me, making butterflies explode in my stomach.

“I love you too.” There was no doubt in either of our voices that we meant it. “Do you think we could go to the amusement park? I haven’t been lately.”

“Sounds like it would be a lot of fun!” We both smiled as I finished the pancake mix and began to heat up the pan.

“So we can ride the Ferris wheel? And the bumper cars? And the roller coaster?” I said spinning around happily. Harry’s expression just flashed to embarrassment. “What’s wrong?” I asked sympathetically.

“You won’t laugh?”

“I promise... it can’t be that bad- come on.” Harry let out a sigh before continuing.

“You’re not going to believe this but... I’m afraid of roller coasters.” I just stared at him curiously.

“You are afraid of coasters,” I stated in more of a realization than a question. Harry just stared at the ground waiting for me to laugh. I reached over and grabbed his hand gently. “Don’t worry, we don’t have to go on the coaster unless you really want to, and I will hold your hand if you want too.” I smiled encouragingly at him.

“Thanks Chrissy,” Harry raised his gaze to meet mine with a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“No problem at all really,” I said casually.

Harry suddenly wrapped his arms around me as I buried my face into his shirt. His clean scent wafted around me, enveloping me with all of the feelings that were shared between us. He rested his cheek softly against the top of my hair, and pulled me closer.

Harry and I had gone through a lot these last couple months. In fact we had ridden our roller coaster of relationships- that had its anticipating ups and intense downs. Being close to Harry right now feels like the most perfect thing in the entire world- nothing could break our moment; other than the smell of pancakes burning behind us.

“Harry... I have to go finish getting breakfast ready,” I said muffled through his t-shirt.

“Please just stay for a little while...”


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