13 Songs (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Christina Wells never believed that she could be thrown into so much chaos. All of it starting because of one very interesting guy- Harry Styles. Harry falls in love with Chrissy, but after his own mistakes, will she take him back? The story follows Chrissy and Harry through a deeper meaning into the album "Up All Night" and where the songs originated from.


9. I Want

~1 Day Later~

Damn Chrissy.

I thought that it would have been so much easier if she just came out and talked to me. Liam had explained to me yesterday that Christina thought our breakup was all her fault. I never knew that that was how she had taken it... I thought it was equally both of our mistakes. Now she didn’t want me... how could that have happened? Harry Styles... unwanted. I huffed to myself and slung my coat around my shoulders. There was nothing else that I could do I guess, but go out tonight and forget Chris.

Liam told me that Chrissy was sorry; especially because she believed that it was her own misdoings that made me break up with her. She had a point, but I was at fault too for following her down the street that day in the first place.

Closing the door quietly, so that Zayn and Louis couldn’t hear me leaving from where they sat in the living room, I trudged down the sidewalk. The London air was cooler this evening, but it was still late spring. Eventually summer would arrive and we could all throw the winter jackets into the storage bins.

I swerved around a corner to spot my destination: a popular club and bar. This is where I would try and forget my mistake with Chris... a place for a second chance.

The blaring music and blinding lights inside seemed to shut off my senses like earplugs and sunglasses. Only one drink later and I was dancing sporadically on the floor, stuck between jostling people. I turned around and saw a cute blonde girl sitting by herself. Being my bold, half-drunk, self, I ventured over and extended my hand in an offer to dance. Her brilliant blue eyes shot up to meet mine and she smiled, taking my hand in hers. We danced for quite a while until it was obvious that we were both tired and needed something else to drink. I took her hand and led her over to the bar.

“Two beers please,” I slurred to the burly bartender who dipped into the kitchen to fetch our drinks. “So w-hut is your name love?” She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear.

“Mel,” was all she said, with a soft, quaint voice, similar to that of a mouse. The man came back and handed us our drinks after opening them for us. “And yours?”

“Harry. Thank you good sir!” He rolled his eyes and waddled over to some more customers down the bar.

“Do you have a car?” Mel suddenly asked. It was a different question, that’s to be sure.

“Yeah, but its back at my flat.” Mel’s eyes widened.

“You have your own flat?”

“I have roommates but yes.” She turned her face back to the dance floor for a brief second and I thought that I had noticed her-smiling? Maybe it was just the alcohol. “What about you?” Her gaze locked on mine.

“I can’t afford any of that stuff.”

“Well,” I said giving her a smirk, “I will just have to pay for your drink.” She smiled at me.

“Umm... I don’t have any way to get home.” Was she giving me the puppy-dog eyes?

“I walked here, sorry Mel.” I said taking a swig out of my glass. Her eyes looked sadly down at the floor. “Maybe we could hail a cab?  It’ll take you home safely, I’ll pay.” I offered generously. There was no way that I was taking home a random girl tonight- that wasn’t me at all. So instead the best alternative seemed to be to get her a ride home. Mel seemed gracious as she took my hand and led me out the front doors where the loud music still buzzed and the ringing in my ears increased. I waved my hand frantically for a taxi but the only one I saw zipped by us like a race car.

My eyes adjusted to Mel’s, who seemed to be locked on... my butt? I turned to face her and her gaze shot back up to mine.

“What were you looking at?” I said a little bit too giddy.

“umm... honestly?” I nodded, curious. “Your wallet in the back pocket.” My smile disappeared, that wasn’t the answer that I had been hoping for! I thought she was actually checking out my bum. Oh well...


“I-I... just can’t afford many things. You at least even have a wallet.” This was the strangest girl I had ever met. A taxi finally drove by and halted to next to the curb. Mel gave him the destination and I paid the driver handsomely. When I turned around, Mel leaned over briefly before pressing a soft kiss to my lips. There was no sparks or feeling, just a friendly kiss.

“Goodnight Harry.” She said swiftly and closed the door before I could say anything.

I shook my head and began to walk back to the flat. She had nice clothes, shoes, and accessories... so why do I feel like she just took all of my money and left?

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