13 Songs (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Christina Wells never believed that she could be thrown into so much chaos. All of it starting because of one very interesting guy- Harry Styles. Harry falls in love with Chrissy, but after his own mistakes, will she take him back? The story follows Chrissy and Harry through a deeper meaning into the album "Up All Night" and where the songs originated from.


12. Gotta Be You

Words could not describe how happy I was that Christina and I had gotten back together. Our break up was behind us and the future lay stretched out before our feet like a path. The best part was that no one knew what was in store for us. For now, I tried to remain in the present and make the best of it while we could.

I sat patiently in the living room, watching television casually as I waited for Chrissy to finish getting ready. As a celebration of us getting back together, I had officially asked her on a formal date. She of course had no idea where we were going again- but that was all of the fun! I wore a fancy pair of trousers with a dashing, long-sleeve, white, dress shirt.

The lads had all finally agreed to leave for the evening to give us some peace. So as far as I knew- Zayn and Louis were with their girlfriends, and Niall and Louis were probably causing more mischief than necessary somewhere in the city.  Who knows what those two would get up to? I was snapped out of my thoughts at the sound of footsteps approaching the living room. I jumped out of my seat and brushed off my shirt, trying to at least look somewhat of a gentleman. Christina walked in and my mouth fell open. She had gone from her casual t-shirt and jeans to the most beautiful white, angelic, dress that I had ever seen. It flowed magnificently around her and fit her perfectly.

“Harry?” Oh god, I had been staring again.

“You look stunning Chrissy!” A blush became prominent on her cheeks.

“You’re looking pretty fancy yourself, Mr. Styles,” her sweet voice giggled at me. I felt the butterflies again- I could have sworn that I had gotten rid of those! I liked my arm with hers and left the house. As we were driving the short distance to the date destination, Chrissy spoke up: “So is there any chance that you’ll tell me where we’re going this time?”

“Nope,” I said simply and made a left at the intersection. We sat in a comfortable silence the rest of the drive until I pulled into the parking lot.        

“Ta da!” I said excitedly, Chris looked out the windows.

“Where are we...?”

“I’ll show you,” I said getting out and running around to her side and opening the door for her. We walked over to the ticket booth where a man stood, obviously appearing bored.

“Harry Styles,” was all that I had to say when he jumped up.

“Mr. Styles! You’re car is right here. Enjoy!” I nodded to the man who waved rather ecstatically at us.

“You brought us to the London Eye?” Chrissy’s soft voice suddenly broke the silence as we entered the car.

“Yes! And the best part is that this car is all for ourselves,” I gestured to the ‘picnic-like’ set up before our feet.

“This is amazing! I’ve actually never been on the Eye before.” I nodded as we both sat down on the blanket once the door to the car had closed and we were slowly moving around the giant wheel.

“Well now we get to experience together.” I smiled happily at her as we both munched happily on the picnic food. The sun was just setting as the blue sky diminished into a flame-colored horizon. Christina’s gaze flickered between the scenic view and me- as if she was unsure as to what to look at. “Hope you’re not afraid of heights,” I joked with a grin.               

“Please...” she scoffed and we both chuckled.

“How’s the food?”

“Great actually! Did you make it with your ‘cooking skills’?” she joked while forming the air quotes.

“What if I did?”

“Ha! Lies.” She simply stated and took another bite.

“Is it really so hard to belief that I can actually cook?”

“Yes,” She said as if it was the most obvious thing on Earth.

“Well fine then!” I laughed and ran a hand through my hair subconsciously. There was a moment of silence until she continued.

“Well actually I’m quite impressed.” This of course brought a smile to my face.

“Thanks Chris. You know... I’m so grateful that we got over the miscommunication and started seeing each other again. It was kind of torturous without you,” I said, drifting my gaze to the blanket that we sat on.

“It was for me too Haz... I missed you,” we both smiled as she leaned over and laid her head gently on my shoulder. “This is an amazing date you set up too- thanks.” I smiled at her and rested my cheek against her hair.

“I tried to make it as special as possible for my favorite girl.”

“But why didn’t you leave and find another girl? I’m sure there’s many out there who would love to date you...” There was no hesitation in my answer, because I knew that every word of it was the truth.

“Because It’s gotta be you Chrissy- and only you.”

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