13 Songs (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Christina Wells never believed that she could be thrown into so much chaos. All of it starting because of one very interesting guy- Harry Styles. Harry falls in love with Chrissy, but after his own mistakes, will she take him back? The story follows Chrissy and Harry through a deeper meaning into the album "Up All Night" and where the songs originated from.


11. Everything About You


~1 Week Later~

Harry Styles and I had finally made up, and it was the best feeling in the whole entire world. A week ago, I never knew if our relationship was going to the dumps or if it would somehow re-spark; so I was eternally grateful that last week he had come home drunk, as odd as that sounds. We apologized to one another, and finally got onto the same level so that we knew what was going on. Harry finally understood that Sam was my brother, and that I had been helping him. Also, that he was stalking me... I still joked with him about it, but it was all in a fun manner. Harry also forgave me for not telling him that Sam was my brother and that I had kept it a secret. How had I managed to find someone that was as sweet and forgiving as Harry Styles?

The eggs cracked into the bowl where the milk and flour had been already mixed together.

“You know that you’re doing it wrong right?” Harry came up behind me. I turned around with my hands on my hips and gave him a cynical grin.

“Oh am I now?”

“Yes,” Harry said bluntly, but I knew that he was trying his hardest not to smile. “You have to put the sugar in first.”

“No. Since when did you become a baking expert?”

“Yes, I happen to have a knack for baking you know.”


“Yes! Why don’t you believe me?” He said with a chuckle while standing beside me, mussing about in the sugar bowl.

“Because you are a liar Harry. Everyone knows that,” I said matter-of-factly as if everyone on the entire planet already knew that. He clutched his heart as if I had just shot him.

“That one hurt.”


“So you don’t trust my pancake making skills then?”

“What skills?” I joked playfully with him.

“Hmmm... maybe, these skills?” He laughed while pressing flour onto my cheeks with his hands. I gasped.

“Those are not baking skills Harry, everyone knows that.”

“Clearly I don’t.”

“Besides, this is baking skills.” I straightened up and threw a hand full of flour, completely coating his face.

“I have to admit, that was more impressive.” He nodded in acknowledgement. “But you have to do it like this.” He grabbed a handful of sugar and splashed it on my head, covering my hair with a lump of white crystals.

“I can’t believe you just did that.”

“Did what? I’m only baking.” He said giving me an innocent, yet completely cheeky grin. Before he could duck I grabbed an egg and squished it onto his perfect curls.

“Hey now! That wasn’t fair.”

“That wasn’t fair? How about this?” I chucked another handful of flour at him, which clung to his head because of the egg.

“It’s on!” He shouted before we erupted into an all-out food fight. Eggs, milk, sugar, flour, and chocolate chips were thrown across the room and mashed against our bodies.

“I’ll get you for this Harry!” I shouted around the island where we were both hiding, waiting for the next person to strike.

“Not if I get you first!” He shouted before grabbing my waist. I screamed playfully since he had snuck up behind me as I was peering around one side of the counter. I tried to crack another egg on his head but not being able to reach all the way around. In all of my squirming and thrashing, trying to release myself from his strong death grip, I had only just noticed that he was carrying me outside. Oh no...

“Harry don’t you dare!” I yelled, wiggling my arms even more. All I heard was a loud chuckle from behind me. “No, no, no, no. Harry!” I screamed, but it was too late. The wind whizzed past my cheeks as I went soaring through the air. My body splashed down into the large pool in the backyard. I swam quickly to the surface, hoping to seek revenge on my boyfriend who was now laughing loudly at the side of the pool.

“Harry!” I said swimming towards him.

“Chr-Chris...haha! You should have seen your face!” He clutched his knees, trying not to keel over and die from laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh with him. We both chuckled, and before I could come out, I grabbed his wrist and pulled him in with me. He thrashed around wildly for a moment and when he resurfaced, his eyes gave away that he was trying to consider what had just happened.


“Harry!” I imitated his whiny voice. “Ha! See now we’re even.”

“I don’t know about that.” We stood up near the shallower end of the pool at least it was slightly warm so that we weren’t shivering.

“What else is there to get even about really?” I said making my way for the ladder. I felt Harry clutch my hand, spin me around, and before I could question his actions his lips connected with mine, moving in perfect sync. He still held my hand but with my right hand I held his face gently, pressing his lips closer to me. Harry used his other hand to hold my waist tighter to him, closing the gap between us. Now we were both covered in weird baking ingredients, soaking wet from the pool, and kissing each other lovingly.

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