forbidden love (Niall Horan Love Story)

It was forbidden love we weren't suppose to see each other non-less fall for each other but i couldn't help it he was my romeo and i was his juliet i rather die than not spend my life without him
Close the door. Throw the key. Don't wanna be reminded.Don't wanna be seen. Don't wanna be without you. My judgments cloudy. Like tonight's sky" Louis "And a silent voice is numb. Try to scream out my lungs, it makes this harder. And the tears stream down my face"


3. London Eye & Meeting Niall :D


as i opened the text it was from Nathan "Hey Sissy we were hungry so we went to eat yeah Eleanor called and told me shes in England so go eat with her love You -NaBro" well gee thanks i though you helped so much notice the sarcasm "Excuse me you said something i was interrupted wow wait was i saying that out loud "Yes You were "the voice came dang it well i turned and asked "Well since were ganna be here like half an hour Im Lola and you are" he hesitated then answered "Hmm im Niall"in a shy so soft Voice whoa whoa hold up i jest met him i cant think that about him now can i ;) well he seems cute but seems oddly know i don't know where I've seen him before "Did i see you somewhere before you look oddly  but i couldn't quiet tell""hmm not that i know of"after five minutes my Phone Rang it was Eleanor "Ellie Baby"i screamed in the phone "Hey Hot stuff did Nathan tell you im in England and want you to meet my boyfriend"i want really sure and i was supper hungry"Ill treat you to lunch if you come""Score"was my only reply.she had hung up and told me she will send me the address after a few minutes Niall i think his name was phone rang he picked it up"Hey...okay...when...who is she?...she doesn't know us? didn't try to make it obvious that i was snooping but i was , and i regret nothing ;D

i looked down at my outfit i was wearing

cool i guess descent :D

well after the ride went to the ground i said Bye to Niall and ran to the restaurant NANDOS ma favorite :p

well after i arrived there it was about five minute run i went almost passing out from the screaming fans outside i don't know maybe there was a big celebrity here or something who knows.when i entered i saw Eleanor and she saw me she bottled up from her chair and ran towards me as i did the same she was wearing

once we hugged she led me to a table with five boys in it but one i recognized from the London eye "Niall" it cam out more than a question he suddenly looked but meaning he was as confused as hell as i was whats going on ? my phone buzzed from Nathan and boy if i knew whats in it i wouldn't have answered"....

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