forbidden love (Niall Horan Love Story)

It was forbidden love we weren't suppose to see each other non-less fall for each other but i couldn't help it he was my romeo and i was his juliet i rather die than not spend my life without him
Close the door. Throw the key. Don't wanna be reminded.Don't wanna be seen. Don't wanna be without you. My judgments cloudy. Like tonight's sky" Louis "And a silent voice is numb. Try to scream out my lungs, it makes this harder. And the tears stream down my face"


1. England Im Here :)


wow i cant believe that in less than five minutes i will be in England this is the most amazing thing ever that happened i came with my bro you may know him his name is Nathan Sykes yeah from the wanted there annoying as hell but ah you gonna live with them but i love them know that i got to go on tour with them its amazing .

after five minutes i screamed "Wahoo England were in England  i kept screaming some people gave me dirty looks which i returned yelled and said "Take a picture people it lasts longer" im not rude its sassy babe ;) haha well the whole ride to the hotel they kept babbling about how they will destroy one direction who ever they are so i decided to Google them i typed one direction and instantly found a lot of topics wow they must be pretty popular okay i clicked the images

well there pretty hot i godda admit it to be honest they put my brother and his band in shame not that im gonna tell him he will kill me hehe .finally after a very tiring journey in the cab which tom sat on me the whole way which was ten times worst than it looks we got to the hotel and damn did it look fancy it looked amazing well as the child i am i called shotgun on that room cuz i wont be stuck with one of them been there done that and trust me it was like going to hell and coming back .

Guess what i wanted to go shopping but they decided that i should stop acting like a girl which i found confusing cuz im a girl but anyhow we finally agreed on sightseeing which was cool i guess i chose my outfit see well since were in England you have to praise it right :D well hehe .

we went to the London Eye which had a long line like huge the guys refused and said there going to wait for me to ride then go to eat which i kind of fangirled over cuz i love to eat but i never gain weight which i found it pretty cool i guess !! well after half an hour i had to ride but with someone else i didn't know but Wahoo stranger danger i actually love to make friends so i didn't mind but it was really strange the boy i rode with had a hoodie and a snap back which was weird considering the weather was not cold strange when the ride started i actually was quiet curious to see what he looks like under it i couldn't see his face which i was dying to see i waited and waited still couldn't get an action out of it but at least the view was more than amazing i started with a simple "Hello" he hesitated and answered with hesitation but then said "hi" "your Irish"i said i couldn't quiet wonder but i was actually quiet interested he said a simple yes in a a swift move i removed his hoodie cap and snap back he freaked out then got confused and said "please don't scream"i was confused he asked confused now himself "Wow you don't know who i am"should i was my only replied he was shocked but sighed in relief well that was strange this day keep getting weirder and weirder i was cutted off my thoughts when i received a text massage "..........

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