One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


15. Niall and Samantha- Hide and Seek

“Harry! Get your cookies out of the oven before they burn the place down!” I yelled down the hallway to Harry’s bedroom door. I heard it slam as I sat quietly on the couch flipping through television channels.

“Alright, alright... chill out. I don’t think cookies could burn the building down,” Harry huffed as he marched into the kitchen.

“You never know!”

“Do I smell cookies?” I turned around at the sound of the familiar Irish boy.

“Yeah, Harry just finished them.” Niall ran off into the kitchen, “don’t eat them yet they are probably still really hot!” I called.

“OW! Harry! Ah ....” I blurred out his incessant swearing.

“Told you!” I yelled. Niall crept back into the living room and slunk down onto the couch next to me, slinging an arm over my shoulder.

“Anyways... how’s Sam today?” I turned my gaze to face him, my breath catching in my throat as I scanned his gorgeous blue gaze.

“Really Niall? I spent all day with YOU!”

“That’s exactly why I want to know how it was.” I sighed at his remarks. Harry shuffled into the room.

“Niall! You crushed a few of my cookies!” I chuckled.

“Sorry mate...” Harry gave Niall a glare and stormed back to the kitchen. Liam, Zayn, and Louis had all gone out with their girlfriends tonight- apparently it was ‘date night.’ So that just left Niall, Harry, and I in the One Direction apartment for the evening. Niall sighed contentedly while looking around, I could tell he was bored.

“What do you guys want to do?” I said finally releasing them of the silence. Harry popped his head in the doorway.

“We could go to the park.”

“Or play a game,” Niall added. I hugged my knees to my chest, wondering if going out would be a good idea. We always get mobbed, so that might not be such a great plan.

“Let’s play a game.”

“Hide-and-seek then?” Harry said walking in with the cookies on a plate.

“Sure,” Niall and I both agreed. Harry put the plate on the table and sighed, proud with his cooking abilities.

“So Harry is it.” I said smiling.

“Wait what? Why me?”

“Because you’re the one who suggested it- duh!” Niall said matter-of-factly.

“Fine...” Harry grumbled. He walked into the kitchen and we suddenly heard him counting- “ONE! TWO! THREE!” Niall and I both bolted down the hallway. There were one bedroom for each of us and a couple of extras. I knew Louis’ room was messy enough so that could be a good place to hide. But then again it smelled too. Liam’s was too neat. Zayn’s didn’t have anywhere to hide. Harry always kept things in his room that kept everyone else from venturing in there... afraid of what they might find. Niall’s was off limits for me- but only because I had mentally promised myself to never go in there. I did like Niall. I had to admit that; but that’s why I had to keep my distance, so that nothing messed up our friendship and caused drama in the ‘One Direction’ flat. My own room would be too obvious, so I whipped open the hallway closet door and closed it quietly behind me. I slunk behind a row of jackets that smelled like the boys and crouched down.

“Hey.” I nearly jumped out my skin!

“NIALL? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I whisper-yelled. He was right next to me.

“The same reason why you’re here...” I could tell he was smiling, even though it was dark.

“Oh... right.” I sat in silence with him, quietly listening to Harry counting in the distance still until I felt a finger poke my arm. Niall did it again.

“What?” I turned to him even though he couldn’t see me. He didn’t answer but continued to poke my arm and pressing harder. “Niall! Stop it that hurts,” I moved away. “What was that for?”

“You’re cute when you’re mad.” I blushed instantly, appreciative of the darkness so that he couldn’t see my cheeks glowing.

“Now why would you say a thing like that...”

“Because... because,” We heard Harry stop counting and begin walking in the direction of the bedrooms. “Because I like you.” I sat in shock for a moment. I had known Niall for a couple years now, and we had become good friends- so why was he just now confessing his affection for me? Harry was right outside, listening intently to any sounds of movement; so I dared not respond or shuffle closer to him. We watched his shadow under the doorway move swiftly past and we could here him swinging open the first door.

“AHA! I got-... awe nobody’s here.” Niall and I stifled a laugh as we listened to him grumble and continue to the next room. Niall was the first to move closer, and I felt him intertwine our hands together. I never knew that it could feel so right to have someone hold your hand. It felt perfect the way they molded together. I smiled brightly.

“You like me?” I finally was able to whisper.

“Yeah... I know it may not be the best thing ever; but Samantha I really like you, almost since the day you moved it. And then we became friends and it got more awkward so that I couldn’t tell you without ruining our relationship and...” Niall rambled on. I knew the only way to shut him up, was to kiss him. With that, I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him lovingly. Yep, that shut him up. Niall kissed me back right away after the momentary shock disappeared. The sparks flew between us and I finally understood what it was like to kiss Niall Horan... that is... until Harry swung open the closet door.

“AHA! I finally... found you?” He said awkwardly, “Umm... I’ll wait in the kitchen.” He closed the door again. That was awkward. I smiled at Niall brightly though since Harry had just walked in on us kissing in the corner of the closet.

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