One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


22. Niall and Lauren- Wheel In the Sky

“Niall where did you put the last bag of crisps?”

“I ate it.” I let out a huff from the kitchen.

“Niall... if you eat all of the food, then you at least have to get more,” I peeked into the living room where he was playing video games.

“Alright, alright. I will later.” How had I ended up here... living with Niall Horan. Sure we had been dating for a while, but quite recently his new love seemed to be the television. I slumped over to the couch and hugged my knees against the opposite end from Niall. He must have noticed that I wasn’t looking so happy right away as he paused his game instantly. “Lauren? Are you okay?” I travelled my gaze up to meet his worried, blue ones.

“It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not fine! I can obviously tell when something is not right you know.

“Well... to be honest, you’ve been spending more time with this new video game than you have with me. I don’t know Niall... I feel like you just don’t care anymore.” Tears threatened to pour out of my eyes as I looked away, trying to make sure that he didn’t see how weak I was. Niall quickly shuffled closer to me and wrapped his arms tightly around me in a hug.

“I’m so sorry Lu. I didn’t know that it was bugging you so much. You know what? Screw this game- I suck at it anyways. Let’s go do something. Anything- you pick.” He smiled warmly at me. At least he was trying. I turned to meet his bright blue orbs briefly before responding.

“Could we go to the fair that’s in town?” His eyes lit up.

“Oh yeah! For sure, come on let’s go now!” He excitedly jumped up and ran off to get his things. I smiled too and slipped on my jacket and shoes. We met by the door and left in a flurry. Clearly he was quite excited. “I’ve been meaning to go to the fair recently with you... I just feel bad for not taking you sooner,” he rubbed the back of his embarrassed.

“It’s okay Ni... I guess I can forgive you,” I smiled up at him. Seeing me in a happier mood perked him up and nothing made either of us happier than seeing each other smiling.


It was a ten minute drive until we pulled up to the brightly lit, boardwalk. Screams were heard from the various rides, people chatted noisily, and the smells of food were heavenly. Niall must have notices, because his food-senses started tingling. I had only become aware of it by the way his hand held mine, and how he started to pull me towards the oncoming booths of food.

“Someone’s hungry!” I said with a chuckle.

“You have no idea. So what do you want Lu?” I smiled at the nickname for me.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“Well alright; If you insist.” He smiled and approached the woman at the counter. A minute later he waddled back over to me with a tray full of food. We sat down at one of the benches near the arcade section.

“So, what did you get?”

“Hot dog, pop, fries, and an ice cream.”

“Wow, someone really is hungry!”

“Oh that wasn’t mine. That’s yours,” He gave me a toothy grin. I guess I could try to eat most of it... but without any luck.

It took me a lot longer to finish about half the amount that Niall ingested.

“I know longer understand the capacity of your stomach Ni.”

“Neither does the rest of the planet.” We laughed and walked over to the rides. “What do you want to go on first?” I flicked my eyes back and forth between the attractions.

“Ferris Wheel!”

“But it’s boring...”

“Niall,” I began sternly in a joking manner, “Who was the one who said that I could choose what we do?”

“I did,” he sighed.

“And who was the one that asked me which ride I wanted to go on?”

“I did.”

“So who was the one who bought me too much food- so that if I go on a dizzy ride I will make all of it reappear at their feet?”

“I did... by the way, that’s not very feminine.” He sated as we waited in the lineup.

“Nobody ever said that it had to be!” He just smiled. The sky was already pretty dark, with just the many street fair lights illuminating the carnival. It was all very magical actually; I clutched Niall’s hand in mine softly.

After sitting down on the ride, Niall decided to tell me at that moment that he was scared.

“You’re afraid of heights?”

“No not really... just never been on one of these things before.”

“Come on Ni, it’s not so bad- you’ll see.” As brave as I could tell he was trying to be- I knew he wasn’t exactly keen on the Ferris wheel. He clutched my hand abrasively and snuggled up to me as If I could somehow protect him. “Look! We’re almost at the top!” Niall managed to open his eyes for a second.

“Hey... it’s nice up here.”

“See, told you it wasn’t so bad.” The stars glittered brightly down on us as we could view the rest of the fair from all around us.

“I’m sorry about earlier Lu.” Niall suddenly turned to face me.

“I said it was okay Ni.”

“I know, but now that I think about how I was acting... I should have been paying more attention to you.”

“That’s why I like spending time with you like now. This is fun,” I smiled at him cheekily. As we reached the top of the wheel, Niall suddenly held my face gently with his right hand and pressed his lips softly to mine with the other. I kissed back without hesitation as butterflies churned in my stomach, just like they had when we first met. It was the perfect moment on top of that Ferris wheel, where Niall kissed me lovingly.

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