One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


11. Niall and Julia- Snowed In

How the hell could you get snowed in at a ski resort? Well apparently it was possible because here I was, pouting on the couch in the lobby of the resort because the doors were sealed shut from the recent blizzard. I felt like screaming in frustration! All of the other visitors had gone back to their rooms after the tense morning with everyone yelling at the reception desk. Now there was just me and a few other people sitting around impatiently and another couple arguing with the front desk lady. I could hear their bickering from where I sat.


After the annoying sound got the best of me I stood up and walked across the large room to the staircase and walked the long way up to the fifth floor where my room was. Inside the staircase when I reached the third floor was a window that overlooked the mountain scenery and I couldn’t help but stop and gaze out at the storm. Snow harassed the already white ground and trees were buried under the cold blanket.  Very few lights were on as the resort tried to preserve as much electricity as possible, so the only light that was visible came from outside. I heard a huffing noise from behind me and turned around to see a dark figure. I saw the whites of their eyes look at me briefly before they came up and stood beside me. I felt really awkward suddenly that this person had randomly decided to stand beside me.


“Wow... who ever thought that you could get snowed in at a ski resort?” I could tell he was smiling and I let out a chuckle myself.


“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” I looked over at him and saw that he had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was very cute but it only made me more self-conscious.


“I’m Niall.”




“Nice to meet you.”


“You too.”


“So you wouldn’t happen to know of anything we could do until the snow plows get here?” I gave him an odd look and lifted an eyebrow. “No not like that! I just uhh...” He stuttered and looked away awkwardly with a blush on his face. I laughed at how he understood what I was thinking that he was referring to.


“Haha, just look at the snow. Play cards. There’s no video games here... dang. I brought some gummy worms from home.” His head perked up at the mention of the candy.


“Food? That gives me an idea... why don’t you get the food and I will go get the games.” He smiled and I noticed how cute he looked when he smiled.


“Sounds great, meet back here?”


“In the stairwell?”




“Alright!” He exclaimed and we both dispersed. His room was on the third floor so I jogged up the stairs and down the hall. My room was quiet, and dark. I dug around my suitcase for the gummy worms and as a last thought I grabbed a flashlight. That would probably be a good idea. I walked back down the hall and opened the door. The stairwell was boring but it was quiet. Niall already had stashed some games in front of me when I sat down in front of him. Now that the window ledge was above us it was hard to see so I flicked on the flashlight. He laughed as I held it under my chin and made a silly face.


“Haha! Yeah I guess the light was a good idea. Where’s the gummy worms?” I stifled a laugh and handed him the bag. He began to munch furiously away at them. I couldn’t believe I was in a stairwell, eating gummy worms with a total stranger.


“So... go-fish?”






“I win.”


“DANGIT! No... that’s not fair- you cheated.” I fake yelled at him.


“Did not.”


“Did too.” I leaned my head against the wall under the window. That had been our fifth game of go-fish and I was getting bored again. He didn’t continue arguing and instead shuffled around so that he was next to me where our shoulders touched. The light above us that radiated from the window was dimming and I could tell that the sun was setting. Either that or the snow had reached past the third floor now... which was a bit extreme. The flashlight probably wouldn’t last long now.


“Well I never thought that playing games in a stairway with a cute girl could be so much fun.” I froze at the last part. He thought I was cute? I blushed; glad that he couldn’t really see the colour of my face.


“Me neither. You seem like a really great guy Niall.”


“Thank you...” I was actually getting tired; all of our antics were getting to me. After eating the gummy worms we played our first game of go-fish. Then we danced like total weirdoes to my ipod until my battery died after the first five minutes. Afterwards we played another couple of games until deciding to lay around just talking for a while. We had been there for a long time. I found myself leaning over and resting my head on Niall’s shoulder and letting out a yawn. “Someone’s tired.”


“Neh... I’ll be fine,” I mumbled. He sighed and rested his cheek against my hair. I let out a smile against him.


“I know this may sound totally retarded...” Niall began and paused, “but I think you’re really cool. Meaning... I like you.” I found myself blushing again. I lifted my head to stare straight into his blue eyes.


“I like you too.” We stared at each other for a long time until finally he spoke up.


“Julia...Would... would it be really weird if I kissed you right now?” I flickered my gaze from his lips to his eyes.


“No...” With that he leaned in and pressed his soft lips to mine. We both smiled into the kiss as I felt sparks and butterflies in my stomach. Nothing felt better than that. Suddenly I noticed the flashlight had flickered off, leaving us both kissing in the darkness of the stairwell. We broke apart with bright grins on our faces. I bit my lip and slid my head back onto his shoulder. His hand reached for mind and he intertwined our fingers. We sat there for a long time like that and I felt like it would never end, but I liked it.


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