One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


7. Niall and Emily- Coffee Fate

Starbucks was nearly empty today. I felt myself looking around at the surrounding customers. An elderly man read a newspaper in the corner, a couple chatted quietly a few tables from mine. Several university students typed furiously on their laptops. And then there was me.


I guess everyone has a purpose to do things. Like the elderly man wanted his morning coffee, the couple had arranged to meet up, and the students needed to finish their reports. But me, I was here because I had nowhere else to go.


Maybe not exactly, I had a home, just not one I felt like going back to at the moment. My parents had just finished screaming at me because I was out late the night before with my best friend. That shouldn’t be a real problem, I figured; they knew where I was. Instead of yelling back I had stormed straight out the door and came here. Even though it was just a coffee shop, the soothing sounds and smells always seemed to help me calm down.


I clutched my warm drink in my hands as it warmed me progressively. A few people came and went on their daily routines to get coffee before work. I guess I was people watching, but I tried not to make it obvious. That is until a cute blonde boy about my age walked in. He had his jacket collar covering his neck and hung his head low. Although his beanie covered his hair and he seemed to be hiding his face, I could still tell that his eyes were an intense blue. My eyes didn’t leave his back as he ordered his drink and paid the lady. He turned around and I found myself staring deeply into his orbs. He was staring straight back at me, so I blushed furiously with a smile and looked away shyly. I turned my gaze to the window where I could observe the fact that it was fall and the sky was clouded.


“Hi.” My head whipped around to meet the same blue gaze I had so intensely stared at only moments ago. He sat down on the other end of the small table. His accent was thick, but I found it intriguing.


“Hi.” I said sending him a small smirk but looked back out the window.


“I- uh... saw you looking at me.” My cheeks went beet red again.




“No no, it’s alright. I’m Niall," he said sending me a cheeky grin.


“Emily.” I said with a brighter smile. We both drank quietly for a minute before he spoke up again.


“What brings you here today? Uhm... not to pry or anything.”


“It’s okay... I probably shouldn’t be telling this to a random strangeranyways but, I had to get out of the house. My parents were freaking out.” He smiled and let out a chuckle.


“What did you do?”


“I hung out with my best friend late last night.”


“Is your friend a guy?”


“No...” I gave him a confused look.


“Then yes that is weird.” I laughed as he took another swig of his drink.


“Well thanks?”


“What about you? I mean... you didn’t seem super happy when you walked in the door.”


“Honestly... that was before I saw that you were here.” I blushed and looked down at the table. “But I had to break up with my girlfriend last night.”


“Awe... I’m sorry.”


“No it’s alright. Hardly felt like a real relationship anyways. We almost never talked.”


“So then why were you so upset?”


“Because she flipped out at me. Enough said.” I nodded trying to understand his point of view.


“Sorry to hear that.”


“Well it’s better than it could’ve been.” We sat for a while longer in silence; I had finished my drink a long time ago, but didn’t dare get up and leave. It was nice to finally have someone to talk to. “What say we go to the park across the street?” I nodded politely at him and stood up. Shoving my hands into my jacket pockets, we solemnly made our way through the park entrance. It was a larger park with a long trail extending around it. I walked quietly, watching our feet click against the gravel path.


“I’m really glad I met you actually Niall,” I said suddenly. He turned to look at me, his warm blue eyes sending shivers down my spine. He smiled back at me.


“Why would you say that?”


“I mean... sounds like we’ve both been having a rough day.”


“Eh, it’s not so bad.”


“Why? I thought you said...”


“It’s not so bad now that I’ve met you. You didn’t let me finish.” I blushed again, mentally slapping myself for blushing so much. I know he saw me blush because his smile grew wider. “Besides, I’m really glad I met you too. Do you think we could meet up again here tomorrow?” I smiled brightly as we both stopped on the path to look at each other.


“I’d love to.” Before he said anything else we were both leaning in. I felt his hot breath on my cool face briefly before our lips connected; sending sparks and shivers through me. I wrapped my arms lightly around his neck. We pulled apart and this time he was the one that was blushing.


“Uhm... sorry.” I laughed.


“Don’t apologize! That was amazing.” He gave me one last brilliant smile before we said a quick goodbye and he walked back down the path in the opposite direction.


So I guess everyone has a purpose to do things. Me, I came here to get away from my parents. Niall, he came here to escape his ex-girlfriend. But now, we came here in a chance at fate and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


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