One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


13. Niall and Courtney- Stranded

I coughed violently, spewing bits of salt water on the hot sand that had stuck to my body. I blinked the grains of sand and water out of my eyes. There was the sound of waves behind me and I could make out the long line of trees about 30 feet up a stretch of beach. The last thing I remembered was clinging to a plane door. That’s right, my plane had just crashed. I think that I had heatstroke from lying in the sun for a day or two... I sat up and tried to contemplate on what just happened. I hoped my parents were okay, we had been flying to Ireland for a vacation.

Realizing that food and water was something that I needed very quickly I got up and faced the jungle-like tropical forestry that stretched all along the beach until they curved around. The island I could tell wasn’t extremely large- it maybe would take a couple of hours to walk around. I walked quietly and cautiously through the undergrowth where I heard exotic birds squawking panicked in the distance. I wonder what had frightened them?

To my own luck, a small stream flowed below my feet. I bent down and drank hurriedly. It had been days since I had anything to eat or drink and just the sight of the water made my head throb from the lack of hydration. When I turned my gaze up I saw a small waterfall that ran smoothly into a pool of water. It was cool on my hot skin and I felt an urge to go swimming. I took off my outer clothes and leapt into the pool, sighing happily and running my fingers through my hair. Now that I knew where I could get water I guess that I needed to find a way to get help. Before I could get out a large squawk from a parrot sounded closer to me than the other ones. The sound of crunching leaves and panting had me scared straight. I bolted towards the waterfall and crouched behind it, hoping that whatever creature had come to eat me wouldn’t catch my scent. I peeked cautiously out until I saw a boy, about my age actually. He had blonde hair and was half naked from the waist up. I didn’t know whether to come out and get help with him or to leave him be. He might be a wild man or something... you never know. That was until I noticed his modern day Chino’s, he couldn’t be scary! I was about to come out when I realized I was just in my underwear... great. Before I could do anything else he had spotted my shirt and shorts. He picked them up, inspecting them quickly before staring straight in my direction.

“Hello?” He said calling to me. I was sure he could see me, but he was being cautious too.

“Ahem... hi.” I said awkwardly.

“Uhm... your clothes.”

“Yeah could you turn around please?” He did exactly what I asked right away. I swam across the pool and onto the bank where I changed quickly into my clothing.

“Alright. Thanks.”

“No problem.” He turned around and I saw his beautiful blue eyes for the first time. “Were... were you in that plane crash?” I nodded solemnly and looked at my feet. I couldn’t think of what else to say. It was quite an awkward situation. “Well, at least there’s someone here other than just me. I was almost eaten by vicious birds!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“Maybe we should make a sign on the beach,” it was a weak attempt at a conversation but we both knew that it was a decent idea.

“Alright, now which way to the beach? I got lost...” I smiled.

“I believe it’s this way.” He followed me for awhile until the salty breeze hit us again. Over the next few hours that we were working on the beach, we had gotten to know each other a bit better. His name was Niall, and I had introduced myself as Courtney. He lived in Mullingar and was going home to see his family when the plane had crashed. We had just finished when the sun was descending over the horizon. I collapsed on the soft sand next to him with a sigh.

“I wonder what everyone else is doing...” He was referring to the people that were on the plane with us.

“Hmm... they are probably staying in a hotel right now. Eating steak and chocolates, and wondering where the two missing passengers on their flight went.” He chuckled.

“Or... they could be sipping wine on a cruise ship that passed by and scooped them up. But they would be eating an entire buffet too; that the captain demanded the chef’s make just for them...”

“You have a real love for food don’t you?”

“How could I now? But this place isn’t helping... I’m starving- literally.” I sighed again, knowing that he had a very valid point.

“Should we find some food?” I said leaning up on my elbows and looking down at him.

“No... no. Stay here I will go in there. It’s almost dark and you don’t know what’s in there.”

“Oh please, like you DO know?” He ignored me and paced up to the tree line before disappearing. I lay watching the pending stars twinkle behind me and looking over the ocean where the entire sky erupted with a prism of colours. It was beautiful... I would have like to stay there forever if Niall and I weren’t in the situation that we had found ourselves in. It had been almost 20 minutes before the blonde boy hobbled back out onto the sand.

“Here,” He handed me an odd looking spiky fruit.

“What is it?” He shrugged.

“I don’t know, but I HAVE seen them at the supermarket. So they must be edible.” I looked at it with uncertainty. He must have seen the questionable look I was giving it because he continued; “hey, how about I try it first. If I die, then you know not to eat it.”

“Ya... because that’s such a BRILLIANT plan,” I said making sure he got my sarcasm.

“Do we really have any other choice at this point?” I sighed realizing he was right; and with that he split open the fruit and took a bite from the middle. He chewed for a minute before turning to me. “Tastes really good actually. Don’t think it’s going to kill me if it hasn’t already.” I nodded and followed his actions. Taking a large gulp of the unfamiliar food I tasted the strong flavour immediately. He was right! It was quite delicious.

“Mmm...” I dug in and ate it furiously. I heard Niall laughing next to me so I turned to see what was so funny.

“You know, for a girl, you eat like a starving man.”

“That’s because I am starving!” I said wiping the juices from the side of my mouth. He finished up his own and lay down on the sand. Laying next to him we both sighed, feeling a little more satisfied. Why we chose to sleep on the beach under the stars, I had no idea. The scenery was nice, but I was freezing. Niall must have noticed me shivering because he shuffled closer, pressing his arm under my head as a pillow so that I lay on his chest and his arm draped over me. That felt better, having the extra body heat of another person.


“No problem.” I leaned up and looked up at him with a smile. I was just about to fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves lapping at the shore when he broke my sleepy trance; “You know Courtney... I may be stuck on this island, but I’m glad that I’m stuck with you.”




It had been nearly 4 days on this island. I don’t know if it was a tropical getaway or a graveyard by this point.  Niall and I had become so well acquainted that it felt like we had been best friends forever. After making a makeshift shelter right inside the tree line and fetching enough food to last us a while, we played games. Mostly tag, but it was really hard to play with only two people- so it turned into a game of hide-and-seek most of the time. Every night we had fallen asleep curled up in each other’s arms and he made me feel safe. Like, the dangers on the island and the fact that we had survived a plane crash all melted away.

The fish swam tentatively around my bare legs. I stood still hovering over the water, ready to catch one if I got the chance. That was before I heard a whizzing sound. I whipped my head around to find the source of the sound. It grew louder and I was getting scared.

“Niall!” I called racing back up the beach. Niall burst from the trees, taking a much needed nap after hunting quite early today.

“Courtney! What is that?” He called clutching an arm around my waist.

“I don’t know!” We stood in shock for a minute as a plane sped right overtop of us and landed out on the water. It circled and docked a few meters off of the shore. Several men jumped out and rushed towards us. I clutched Niall tightly, only realizing then that we were holding hands for fear of losing each other.

“Niall Horan? Courtney Burnell?” One man called to us. I didn’t dare speak up, so Niall did.


“Thank God!” He turned and yelled into the plane, “Call HQ- tell them that we found the missing passengers.”



I held Niall’s hand tightly as we stood in the hotel room together. We had flown back to civilisation and were told everything that had happened. My parents were alright and had gotten onto one of the emergency boats on the plane. I was so relieved, but I gripped Niall’s hand tighter. We both knew that this was the last time that we would see each other in a long time.

“You know Courtney... that first night what I told you? I said... I said that I was glad to be stuck on that island with you.” I nodded trying to understand what he was trying to get at. “I meant it... I think you are amazing and I will never ever forget you.” A tear slipped from my eye and he quickly wiped it away, pulling me into a bear hug quickly after.

“I’ll miss you too Niall.” I said into his new, clean T-shirt.

“I love you.” There was no question about it. I knew that he loved me, just like I loved him. We had gotten to know each other so well.

“I love you too.” I said crying a bit more. He broke apart suddenly, I thought that he was going to tell me not to cry and wipe away my tears again, but this time he kissed me. Niall pressed his lips lovingly to mine and I felt the sparks send shivers down my spine. We pulled apart and I sank into another hug in his arms, one place where I felt truly safe.

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