One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


5. Louis and Andrea- The Park

A/N: Okay the ages aren't right... just pretend!




"I want to go to the playground!" My little sister, Lexi, yelled at me. I cringed at the pitch in her voice.


"I took you on Monday; don't you want to do something else today?" The five year old crossed her arms at me. I couldn't ignore the fact that this argument would not be won by me. "Alright fine."


"Yay!" She screamed and ran off to her room to change. I sighed, nothing exciting ever happened at the park. "Andrea let's go!" She ran straight for the door as I tried to keep up behind her.


"Hey don't run ahead!" I took her hand so she wouldn't bolt in front of any traffic.


"Let's go on the swings first. NO wait! The slide! Or, the monkey bars!" She bounced excitedly next to me. I couldn't help but put a smile on my face, she was so innocent and happy. The park was a few blocks away and we reached it within a short time. I followed her to the swings and she climbed on carefully. "Push me!" I sighed and began to push her higher, not going to high in case it became dangerous- you can never be too careful with kids and swings. I gave her another push before standing back and watching. There was something uncomfortable, I could feel someone’s gaze resting on my back. I turned around and saw a familiar boy from school walk by, but he wasn't looking at me. In fact he was with a younger girl as well. "FIZZ!" Lexi screamed suddenly. The pair walking stopped and looked over at us. I glared at Lexi.


"What are you doing?"


"That's my friend Fizz from school!" She said slowing down the swing and running over to the other girl who was bouncing up and down just as excitedly. They hugged and ran off together, leaving me awkwardly with Fizz's older brother.


"Uhh, Hi." He said smiling lightly while watching his sibling.


"Hi. I'm Andrea." I said trying to be polite.


"Louis, but I know you from school." I stared at his perfect blue eyes and brown side-swept hair. He was very attractive and I tried to conceal the fact that I must be blushing.


"Right..." I had forgotten his name though.


"So... do you come here often?" I could sense the humour in his voice and I chuckled.


"Oh yes, afraid my sister loves this place. We're here almost every day."


"Hmm, me too actually. Strange we haven't seen each other before." I nodded as we both walked over to a bench on the side of the playground. There was a long silence before I glanced over at him; he was fidgeting nervously- but why?


"Are you alright?"


"Uh, yeah I'm fine." He brushed it off as he watched Lexi and Fizz climb the ladder to the slide. There was another pause before he continued. "Want to meet up here again tomorrow?" He looked over at me.


"That sounds like a plan, I'd love to." I smiled trying to figure out if he was asking me out or not, "So, with the girls or without?" He flipped his head to me with a smile.


"Without." I grinned.


"So is this a date then?"


"Only if you want it to be." I blushed and looked down at the ground before nodding my head and turning to look at him again. His blue orbs were staring intensely into mine as if they were searching for something. I realized I had been staring for a while and was about to look away when he leaned in closer. I felt the hot breath on my lips and I found myself leaning the rest of the way in to close the gap. I felt fireworks and the butterflies knotting in my stomach. His lips were soft and made me melt. We broke apart at the sound of a scream from the playground. It was just Lexi going down the slide again. I looked back at him with a smile.




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