One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


9. Liam and Monica- Only the Good Die Young

A/N:  A bit dramatic... but don’t worry! This is my character actually XD so don’t feel like someone that requested a one shot got let down. WOAH it is 2,999 words! I actually almost started crying while writing this... don't get mad. I hope you value the feeling in it and don't get all hater on me. Enjoy!

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“I hate you!”


“HA! I’m Glad!”


“Oh are you?”




“Why’s that?!”


“Because you are so stubborn and annoying!” I felt the tears brimming in my eyes. How could he truly mean the things he said to me? The car swerved to the right as we sped down the street. Liam was angrier now and I could tell by the way he gripped the wheel. It was sad because only ten minutes ago we were happily in love and making out.


“You are literally a PAYNE in my ass!”


“Like I’ve never heard that one before...”


“Shut up.”


“Why don’t you? Ms. EveryonethinksI’mperfect.”


“No one thinks I’m perfect!”


“Because you clearly aren’t.”


“Liam! Let me out of the car!” I gripped the door handle trying to escape, tugging it violently.


“Shut it Monica, I’m taking you home. Then you never have to hear from me again.” My heart tore from my chest. I loved him and even though I said mean things to him and he said them to me, I was sad to leave him. He was the first one I had ever loved. My first kiss. My first dance. My first boyfriend. My everything.




“Just don’t.” I wanted to apologize but my eyes darted to the side window before I heard screeching and my body was thrown towards Liam. I remember calling his name pleadingly before the world faded to darkness.






Damn beeping. What the hell? Shut up! I tried to shut it off with my mind, but when did that ever work with alarm clocks? I blinked awake slowly to realize I wasn’t in my own bed. What the... this isn’t my ceiling... or clothes... or anything. I felt older, like I had been sleeping for a long time. I could tell by the boring wall colours that I was in the hospital. The only thing different was a vase of brightly coloured daisies. Daisies were my favourites, someone must have good taste! The beeping increased to my dislike so I turned to the machine and tapped it trying to turn it off. My small movement made the machine beep faster. “Shut up!” I said.


“She’s awake!” huh? I turned towards the door. Several nurses rushed in and pushed me back onto the bed.


“Hey! What’s going on?” I watched them hook me up to several more machines. A doctor pulled up a chair next to my bed and signalled for the ladies to leave the room.


“Good morning dear. My name is Dr. Moori. Do you remember anything about you got here?” I watched him and probed my mind for any remembrance. I did remember something...


“Car crash?” He nodded his head.


“Do you know who you were with? What time? Anything else?” I thought again.


“I was with... Liam! Oh God where is he!?” I sat up frantically trying to get out and find him.


“Woah there miss please calm down.” He placed his hands lightly on my shoulders and pushed me back down to signal he wasn’t done. “Monica... what do you remember about Liam?”


“He was my boyfriend. We had been fighting.”


“Well, it seems your memory hasn’t faltered too much. You are correct. I would like to inform you about what happened though.” His face paled slightly and I grew afraid, what happened to Liam? “Liam... it seems when the car was impacted he was speeding through an intersection.” Before he continued I began to bawl. Liam was dead! I knew it... “No! No! It’s alright. He’s alright.” I looked back up at him, now he was confusing the hell out of me. “The paramedics found you curled tightly around Liam. It turns out that you saved his life.” I guess I had flung myself instinctively over him during the crash.


“Is he here?”


“Yes. He just recently returned.”


“You mean he left?”


“Yes actually. But you don’t remember when the crash was?” Now I was confused again. Liam had been in the hospital, left, and just recently come back?”


“June 6, 2012 I believe.”


“Correct. Well miss... It’s 2014.”




How the hell I had I been in a coma for the past 2 years? Nothing made sense. I guess this makes me 20 now? I sat on my bed for a few hours bored. I slept, which was odd since I’ve been sleeping for so long- yet I felt exhausted. The sounds from the hallway always made me interested as to what was going on. Now that I was out of the coma Mr. Moori said I should be able to leave in a few days, but to remain in bed for at least a few more hours. That meant I could walk around now, right?


With a large sigh I swung my legs over the side of the bed. I had examined myself carefully after waking up. I had scars from the stitches after the crash and more on my right arm. I broke my arm actually but it had healed up nicely by now. I placed my toes tentatively on the cool floor. It felt nice to walk again, feel my own weight on my feet. I tiptoed carefully to the door, grabbing chairs and handles so that I didn’t fall over.


The doc never said why Liam had come back, so I was determined to find out for myself. It was almost 9 at night and the hallways were quiet other than the whispers of nurses and beeping from surrounding rooms. I guess I was in the ‘coma patient’ wing so no one else was awake. The desk with the computers was right across the hall and I darted over. The light blinded me from the screen but I looked at it. The computer system was one I was not used to; this one was more futuristic. I found the search bar where I could search the location of a patient and frantically typed in: ‘Liam Payne’. A new site popped up. I clicked on his name while it brought me to a profile page. I gaped at what I was reading in front of me. The words hung in my mind like nails.


Liam Payne

Hospital Check-in dates:

June 6/2012- was in a car crash. Broke left leg, 10 stitches on his forehead, heart and kidney transplant treatment.

May 17/2014- traumatic shock from recent injuries and loss of a loved one, mental therapy and treatment for failing heart. Heart cancer.

Room: 325





Liam... My eyes bubbled over before pouring all over the desk, my hospital gown, and the floor as I rushed to my room. Liam had heart cancer. He was probably not going to live, I realized. This only made me cry harder. How could I have been so cruel to him? My last words with him were so full of hate and I regretted every one of them.


“Liam... I’m so sorry!” I bawled into my pillow even though I knew that he couldn't hear me. He had mental damage too? That could mean anything! Liam might not remember who I even am, or he might have gone insane. My mind raced faster as the horrible ideas clouded me.


It had been another hour before I got enough strength to get off my tear-soaked pillow and sit upright. I knew that I had to at least see him. If something terrible was going to happen to him I might as well see his face one last time. The door to my room creaked quietly as I opened it and looked around the hallway to make sure that the coast was clear. I walked as fast as I could down the silent corridor without alerting anyone to my presence. It seemed no one was around momentarily. At the end of the hall was a fire escape map of the whole hospital. The sections were too small to read but I managed to figure out where the 300’s were and how to get there. Within several minutes of navigating my way around the confusing building I found myself in the 300 section.


“Room 304... 307... 311...” the doors went on forever it seemed until I was standing directly in front of the door with the bright blue numbers on it: ‘325’. Swallowing hard and closing my eyes I reached for the handle. I didn’t know what awaited me on the other side of the door, and it scared me. The door creaked lightly just like mine had before I was gazing around a similar room to mine but the lights were off. I let the light from the hallway seep into the space as I paced up to Liam’s bed, dreading what I was about to see. I opened my eyes to look down at the familiar sleeping figure. His face was so beautiful... just like it had always been.


“Liam...” A tear rolled down my cheek as I stroked his cheek with my thumb. I could make out the scars on his face from the stitches. They made him appear different, but I didn’t care. I pulled up the chair in the room and clutched his hand tightly in mine before lowering my head onto the side of the bed. I let more tears fall against the bed sheets. Why had I been so cruel to him? I’m sure we both didn’t really mean what we had said.  Hours seemed to pass as I crouched there; stroking his hand with my thumb and staring at his eyelids for the moment they blinked open. I let another soft tear trickle down my cheek and it landed on his arm. The beeping on his monitor picked up and alarms began to sound. I freaked out and looked around frantically trying to figure out what was going on. A nurse rushed in.


“Hey excuse me! You are not supposed to be in here miss! Where’d you come from?” I stared at her in shock for a moment as she busied herself at the machines on the opposite side of Liam's bed.


“I, uh. From.” She sighed and squished something into Liam’s arm. His hand jerked upwards for a second from the reflex. When the beeping had calmed down she grabbed my arm.


“Come on I’ll find out where you are supposed to be."


“No! I’m supposed to be here.”


“No miss you aren’t. Let’s go!”


“Let go of me!” She pulled on my arm as I tried to rip it away.


“She said let go of her.” Both our heads whipped towards the hospital bed where Liam sat looking intently at us both. The nurse released her grip and trudged apologetically out of the room.


“Liam?” His gaze locked with mine for a moment, and then it seemed like a brick hit him. I could have sworn I saw the memories flash behind his eyes. Everything we had ever gone through, and then our fight and the crash. His eyes turned to hurt, sorrow.


“Monica? Is that you?” I smiled lightly and ran up to clutch his hand.


“Yes baby it’s me! I’m alright.” He looked down at me.


“You’re awake? But it’s been so long...”


“But I’m here now. Liam, I’m so sorry for everything I said to you in the car. It kills me inside. I can’t believe I said those things to you.” Liam’s gaze rested on my brown eyes.


“It was all my fault...” His eyes began to water. “I was mad at you too; I got us in the crash.” We both sat silent for awhile.


“Monica...” he turned to look at me again sincerely. “I-I was hurt and in the hospital too for a while. But I never really left. I have to tell you that...” I could tell he was searching for the right words. “I regret what I said to you so much. It kills me. You are the perfect girl for me. I-I... I came and saw you every day, I left you daisies, jut like I know you like. I hoped every time I entered your room that you would be there awake, and ready to jump into my arms again.” He looked down at our entwined hands. “That never came true, and instead here YOU are coming to see if I am awake.” I couldn’t help but let a small smile creep onto my face. We sat in silence for a minute longer before I finally replied.


“You brought me those daisies?” He nodded quietly. “How’d you get back in the hospital then?” I said asking as politely and concerned as I possibly could.


“Honestly...” he took a large breath, “someone I loved so much never woke up. I guess I was so upset my heart transplant began to fail. Now I’m not sure what will happen...”


“Is that someone me?” He met my gaze and I stared at his brown orbs intently for his answer.


“Yes.” That was it. Liam was in the hospital because of me. “But you know, a doctor came and told me something about the accident a long time ago.” I nodded patiently. “He said that when they found us in my car, you were curled up on my lap with your arms around my neck.”






2 weeks later


“I love you Monica!” Liam kissed me cheerfully on the lips. I smiled brightly back at him.


“Love you too Liam! I will be back to visit soon. Don’t forget.” I smiled and waved before exiting the familiar room. I had been admitted to leave the hospital and was now living at home again. My parents threw a massive party with everyone I knew to welcome me home. They had missed me too and visited all the time in the hopes that I would be awake as well. Liam sadly was still in the hospital, and I couldn’t say he was making any progress. We had talked about everything: our relationship, the crash, the hospital, Liam’s problems, and even how bad the food was there. I missed him every time I had to leave when the visitor’s were kicked out. I hated to admit it but I was very scared for Liam. My heart told me that every time I went in, he would be gone- home safe, sound, and healthy again. My brain told me otherwise- that he wasn’t going to get better.






The next day I pulled up into the parking lot and walked inside, taking the now familiar route up to the third floor where Liam’s room was. I walked along the seemingly endless corridor before finally reaching his room number. A smile crept on my face as I opened the door, only to find that the room was empty. Where’d he go? Maybe he went to the washroom... I peeked around the corner but the bathroom was empty. I walked hesitantly over to the nurse’s desk.


“Um, excuse me? Do you know where Liam Payne is?” The nurse gave me a look, and I couldn’t tell if it was remorse or confusion.


“Hmmm... sorry miss, he’s been moved to ICU.”


“What? Why?!”


“He’s in room 124.” She never responded to my question, only leaving me the chance to bolt down the hallway as fast as my feet could carry me. It wasn’t hard to find the ICU anymore, and I ran frantically down the hall until my feet skidded in front of 124. People, doctors, and beds were shuffling everywhere in a frenzy. It was pandemonium to say the least. I ducked quickly into Liam’s room and closed the door. Several doctors turned from their perched position over the bed to look at me.


“Um, May we help you?” One of the male doctors asked.


“Liam Payne?”


“Monica!” I heard a shout from the bed before the doctors had a chance to answer. I shoved them out of the way and clutched his hand.


“Liam! What’s going on? Why were you moved?” I said feeling my face get hot and my eyes grow teary. He looked so pale... the scars sticking out of his forehead and cheeks.


“His heart his palpitating.” One of the doctors answered the question for him.


“Will he be alright?” I looked at them.


“We’re not sure yet. We’ll leave you two alone.” They said quietly before scooting out the door. I returned my gaze to Liam’s.


“Monica... I wanted to tell you one more time that I love you.”


“No no, don’t say that baby. You’re going to be alright. You’ll be out of here in no time!” I said stroking his cheek with my finger as he placed his hand softly on my hair.


“Monica. Be realistic. I’m not getting out of here anytime soon.” I let a tear slip down my cheek. “Please don’t cry. I wanted to tell you that... move on.” I gave him a confused look. “Move on with your life. I don’t want you to ever forget me, but move on. Find a guy that loves you just as much as I do. You deserve to be treated right; unlike how I treated you. Take care of my mom and your family. I want you to become a mum one day, and tell your kids all of the adventurous stories that you told me a long time ago.”


“Liam...” My tears flowed freely. “Don’t leave me.”


“I will never leave you love. Never. And I’m sorry for everything I said to you. Please just... don’t leave yet.” His voice croaked as his breathing was ragged.


“I’m not going anywhere.” And with that I climbed up next to him on the flimsy hospital bed before connecting our lips. It still had the same spark that it did so many years ago before the fighting. I loved him more than anything, but I refused to let him go just yet. We kissed for several more minutes before I collapsed into his arms and looked at him.


“I love you Monica.”


“I love you too Liam.”


Before either of us knew it we had both fallen asleep cradled in each other’s arms. Only this time, only one of us would wake up.


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