One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


6. Harry and Skye- Taking a Chance

"If I go out with you, will you stop harassing me?" I questioned him hurriedly while rolling my eyes, hoping he would stop following me and leave me alone once and for all. Harry's footsteps quickened as he tried to keep up with my pace on the quiet sidewalk.


"Yes! One date. Then I will stop bugging you." I didn't even have to look at him to tell a massive grin was on his face. "I'll meet you at Nando's, on Friday at 6:30." With those quick words he sped off and I noticed that when he got a hundred feet away a loud cheer erupted. I sighed. Harry had been trying to get with me since the day we met at my supermarket. I worked there and he came in everyday and bought one item as an excuse to see me. I was sure he didn't even live close by. I knew that dating an international pop star was not going to be a good idea. That was why I rejected him outright when he had asked me out the first... five times. Each time the invites would become more and more extravagant- including balloons, singers, hearts, parachutes, and many other odd things. I was flattered to say the least that Harry Styles would choose me out of any girl on the planet- but he did.




Friday rolled around and I stood in front of the restaurant frozen. I couldn't go in there! But my feet decided for me because next thing I knew I was being dragged by my own legs through the front door. "Skye!" I heard the familiar voice call. My head whipped towards it to see Harry at a quiet table next to the window. I walked over tentatively. I was just wearing a light blue summer dress, nothing fancy. "You look great tonight."


"Thanks," I merely responded to be polite. I had to admit, he looked rather dashing tonight himself.


"You don't clean up so bad yourself Styles." He grinned and handed me a menu. I didn't hate Harry, not at all; I just understood what the consequences would be if we got together. The waiter came around and we both ordered.


"So... I'm really sorry about embarrassing you with all of those invites. I just didn't know what you liked and I..." his words blurred out to me, he was nervous. I watched his hands fiddle and his gaze rest on the table, only glancing at me occasionally. That's when I realized I was staring and he was still talking; so I interrupted him.


"Who says I was embarrassed?"


"You weren't?" He looked at me funny.


"No... I thought it was cute actually. But I had to admit, some of your tactics were a bit... odd."




"Like the dancing mime? I mean, was that really necessary? I couldn't even understand that he was trying to act out: 'Will you go out with me?' “Harry laughed.


"Yeah, that was a spur of the moment idea. Louis told me that you might like mimes."


"Oh so it was Louis' idea?"




"Then it all makes sense." We both laughed as our food arrived and we dove in. Over the next couple hours we talked for a quite awhile. Turns out that Harry wasn't such a bad guy after all. He paid the bill, even after |I insisted in contributing, and led me out into the fresh air.


"Want to go for a walk?" I nodded as he took my hand gently as we walked down the boulevard to the park nearby.


"So why, out of every girl on the planet, did Harry Styles choose a supermarket cashier?" We lay down on the grass to see the stars coming out.


"Well... I could tell that you had an amazing personality just after meeting you. It also helped that you were quite beautiful."


"WERE? As in past-tense?"


"Are! Are! Sorry... so I thought: wow, I think this girl may be something else. So then I conjured up all those evil plans to ask you out."


"Well they didn't work."


"Nope." I smiled brightly to myself, before turning to Harry. There was quite a long pause as I stared into his green eyes before he leaned over and kissed me suddenly. It was unexpected but I felt butterflies churning in my stomach and my mind raced. It was magical to say the least. Harry was an amazing guy and I was glad that I had finally agreed to go out with him. We broke the kiss after a minute with large smiles on our faces, and returned to watching the sky.


"Oh look! The first star. Make a wish!" I said closing my eyes. When I opened them Harry was looking at me again. "What did you wish for?"


"I'm not telling..."


"Why? Because then it won't come true?" He reached over and laced our hands together.


"No, because it already did."




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