One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


10. Harry and Kaleila- The London Eye

Swiftly stepping out of the car I paced quietly to the admissions desk. I always came here when I was upset or needed to get away. I paid the lady at the counter and followed a group of people that skittered onto the next lift that came by.  I found myself gazing straight up at the insanely tall structure. It was the London Eye. It was always something that I loved to do with my parents, but now that I lived on my own I needed to do things for myself.

“Ticket please.” A man held out his hand and punched my card. I slipped it back into my pocket and squished my way into the bubble, bumping into several people. I made my way to the front of the car where I could look straight over the city. Resting my elbows on the rail as I looked straight out over the water until the giant wheel began to move and I watched as we slowly moved up into the sky. The other people in the car all stood around the sides of the car to watch as well. The person next to me had their hood up and sunglasses on so I couldn’t see their face very well. Oh well. I decided to be brave and strike up a conversation with this person.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” We had only reached about a quarter of the way up the wheel and I turned to face him. He awkwardly crossed his arms and looked away. Well that was rude. Maybe I was crazy, but even if he didn’t answer I could have a conversation with myself.

“I always like to come here when I need an escape from the crazy world.” I returned my gaze out the window to see Big Ben rising up before us with its extravagant details molding every corner. “Have you ever heard Big Ben chime? It’s really loud, but quite exciting.” I sat in silence for a moment, wondering if he would respond. “I guess I came here because I’m lonely really, maybe that’s why I’m talking to myself,” I laughed at my own words. “I’ve never been to the top of Big Ben... Then again I’m not sure if I want to because I much rather prefer the London Eye.” I was silent for a minute again as other people in the car chatted away about the scenery. “I don’t even know why I’m talking to someone who isn’t even listening to what I say, you probably don’t even care and you think I’m crazy...” I sighed and placed my head into my hands.

“Who said that I wasn’t listening?” He spoke but kept his gaze fixed out the window on the horizon. His voice was raspy, but in a sexy way and I was so pleased that I had gotten him to talk. “I come here when I need to get away too from the hustle of work.” We had just reached half way and were at the very top. I smiled brightly at the sunset stretching out in front of us and lighting the city up with orange.

“So he does speak...” He let out a light chuckle and I did the same.

“I sure hope I can speak. Otherwise that might be a problem.” We both laughed lightly again. It was nice to have someone to randomly banter with for once.

“Well my name is Kaleila,” I said giving him a small smile. I pushed my blonde hair behind my ear and waited to see what he would say.  

“Nice to meet you.” I gave him an impatient look.  

“That’s it? Can’t I know your name?” I said sounding a bit confused.  

“Maybe its better you don’t know my name.”  

“Well are you some sort of masked vigilante or a criminal? Or maybe you are an undercover cop... or,” he cut me off with his laughter.  

“Trust me I’m not a criminal... or a cop. I’m actually a singer. Hence I have to wear this so I don’t get spotted.” I guess that made a lot more sense.  

“Well yes that does make more sense I guess,” I chuckled, “but I highly doubt that I will scream if I know who you are. What if I was a famous person? You already know my name; I think it’s only fair.” I turned my gaze to the water below and the rows of building along the cityscape. I gave him a smug look and smiled. He sighed.  


“That’s it... Harry.”  

“Yes, just Harry.”  

“Well it’s nice to meet you, just Harry.” I held out my hand and shook his politely. I could see the smile on his face, and I had to admit that it was quite cute. He had dimples and now I could tell that he had brown curly hair that stuck out of his hood.  

“Likewise.” We both turned back to the scenery. We sat in silence for awhile before I finally heard him speak, but he sounded nervous. “Uhhh... you, you are very beautiful by the way.” He said and I could tell he was blushing. But sure enough I was blushing too.  

“Umm... Thanks.” I let out a smile and looked at my feet. “I would say that you look cute too... but I haven’t really seen you yet.” I said quietly just between the two of us, blushing brightly. I saw that dimply smile cross his face as he watched the buildings get closer.  

“I really hope to see you again. I know that’s unlikely but it would still be nice to talk to you. You’re the first person who’s talked to me for being me and not a singer.” I couldn’t help but smile.  

“Actually I wasn’t sure if you were even listening when I was blabbering to you, but I would love to see you again too. Maybe without the glasses next time though.” He quickly turned around and scanned the car as if he was looking for something, then turned back to me. We were pretty close but I guess he was trying to be secretive. He removed his sunglasses and tucked them into his pocket. Then he opened the hood a bit more so that I could see his face. He was gorgeous. His green piercing eyes stared straight into my similarly green ones. I was lost and in shock.  “See... that’s much better.” We both smiled brightly into each other’s gaze for a minute.  

“You look even better when the room isn’t always dark.” We both chuckled and I blushed slightly. He continued, “You’re also cute when you blush.” Oops.  

“Was it that obvious?” I grabbed my cheeks with my palms to hide it.  

“Yes,” he laughed. He reached out and pulled my wrists gently away to see my cheeks get red again. “But its cute so don’t worry.” I smiled lightly at him and he smiled back. Suddenly I felt myself leaning in, but almost because his hands were pulling my hands towards him. He was leaning in too and before I could realize what was happening he kissed me lightly on the lips. I felt sparks flying and butterflies danced restlessly in my stomach. We broke apart and stared into each other’s green eyes with wide grins. He still had my wrists in his hands and he took mine and intertwined the two of them. So there I was on the London Eye, looking out over the water as I held Harry’s hand. Something told me that this was fate, and that we would be seeing a lot more of each other very soon.

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