One Direction One Shots

Can't you feel the love tonight? No? Well maybe you should read this instead. These are One Direction fan fictions- and you can have one with yourself in it too if you'd like! From the craziest of settings to the most romantic of dates- you'll find all of these tales and more here!


1. Liam and Bianca- Vacationing

"Don't look at me like that."


"Like what."


"Like you have feelings for me."


"What if I do?"


"Then you'd be lying."


"What if I'm not lying?"


"Please Liam..."


"You can stop telling yourself that you don't love me back."


"Stop." I held out my hand signalling for him to stop talking for a minute. The warm ocean breeze drifted over to us and made the air smell of salt spray. It was one of the most magical places I had ever been to, that is, until I met Liam Payne. He was taking a 'much needed vacation' with his family since apparently he doesn't spend much time with them anymore. I never found out why, but when he caught me staring in the hotel lobby, I couldn't deny my affection for the cute brunette boy any longer. It had only been a week since we arrived but Liam and I had spent almost every moment together knowing that afterwards we would have to part our separate ways back to different ends of the planet. We had to leave tomorrow, whereas he wasn’t leaving for another week. I was trying to unscramble my thoughts for a moment as he stood there with his brown gaze resting intently on me. Liam had just told me that he loved me. It was true, I did feel something for him, but it wasn’t love... yet. He waited a few more moments as we both sat down on the warm sand while the sun set just beyond the blue horizon.


“Bianca?” I finally turned to look at him.


“Yeah Li?”


“I am really going to miss you.”


“I’m going to miss you a lot too. But we will call each other okay? I don’t want to not here from you...” He nodded ecstatically.


“I look forward to it. And I’m coming to visit in a couple months since I will be in town.”


“I can’t wait. Why are you in town again?” He turned his head the waves.


“Oh just business; Got some things to do.” I nodded understandingly. We sat in silence for quite a while just enjoying each other’s company; not to mention our hands firmly grasping the other’s like a lifeline. I felt so close to him, like I could tell him anything and he would know exactly what to do or say. The sky had darkened to a shade of black where many stars became visible above us. I lay my head on his chest to cuddle and watched the night sky flicker contentedly at us. I found myself listening to Liam’s heartbeat as his arm wrapped protectively around me.






Sunlight burned my eyes as the daylight woke me up. I was laid under an umbrella on one of the pool chairs. How on Earth did I get out here? Then I remembered last night, I was too tired to get up and go inside all the way to my hotel room, so I had sleepily begged Liam to carry me. I guess he got tired too because he was snoring peacefully on the chair next to mine. “Liam?” I blinked and nudged his shoulder lightly. I sighed, there was no way he would be up soon so I made sure he was in the shade and I went inside. Other tourists bustled about on their way to their scheduled daily attractions. I ignored the noise and slipped the hotel room key into my door. My parents were up and looked at me with a great sigh of relief.


“There you are! We were so worried... come on we have to go, the flight leaves in two hours!” They both seemed to spastically chatter and pack up luggage that had been thrown all over the room over the course of the week. I was still trying to wake up before I was being shoved out the door and down the corridor. The rental car appeared insight as the hot wind from the outdoors hit me. My dad hoisted the bags in the back and I clambered in without a second thought, I hate to leave this place and... Oh God... Liam!


“MOM! Stop! I have to say goodbye to LIAM!” How could I have forgotten the one boy who had actually loved me?


“Sorry honey... you’ll have to call him tomorrow when we get back.”


“No! Dad please, turn around.” I begged, letting several tears slip down my face.


“Sorry honey, your mom’s right; and we’ll be late for the flight.” I held my face in my hands. I knew it would only be a couple months until I saw him again, but that would only be for a day or two.






I pulled my carry-on slowly behind me like it was a ball and chain. I felt like I was leaving a piece of me behind. I kept catching myself looking at the exit, wishing that I could go back and never leave this place. That we could stay here forever.


“Flight 162 boarding.” A loud intercom sounded. The gates would be open for 20 minutes and my parents had only just calmed down in the waiting section. Sighing and standing up, I knew this was it. I would miss him, so I mentally let go and let one last tear leak down my face. I walked silently to the door where the lady checked my ticket and I strolled along the corridor that was suspended, leading onto the plane. About 10 metres down the hallway I thought I heard my name. Nope... I’m going crazy now, great.


“Bianca!” Okay that time I definitely heard it. I whipped around to see Liam’s running figure bolt past chairs and pedestrians.


“Liam!” I dropped my back and ran straight up the walkway towards him. I didn’t care that we looked crazy, and that my parents were yelling at me to get back on the plane.


“Bianca!” He called once again before I flung myself into his arms and pressed my lips tightly to his.


“I love you Liam.”



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