See Through Love

I am a girl. But no ordinary girl. I'm a girl with boyfriend - and my boyfriend isn't human. He's a ghost. I see him everywhere, we talk together, laugh, do everything we used to do when he was alive. Except kiss. I cannot touch him at all, because he's transparent. It drives me mad every day knowing he's dead, and I can't touch him even though he's with me. Maybe when I find out how he died, I'll finally be able to give my boyfriend his kiss.


3. I Thought I'd Never See Him Again

We talked for a bit, trying to get our heads around what had happened. It was all so confusing. Alex was in the middle of saying something when he went. No goodbye just puff. I thought maybe he'd just become weak and wasn't strong enough to see me at the moment in time. Maybe he'd need a day or so to become strong again and see me again.

A week passed and still no him.

A month passed and I still didn't see him.

I was starting to get worried, I thought maybe he didn't love me anymore and that's why he didn't appear to my sight. I became constantly distracted. I would sit in a lesson and he'd be all I could think about. I started failing classes and my parents became worried. I wouldn't eat anymore, and I barely spoke. I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt like I'd done something wrong and I deserved to be punished.

A couple more weeks passed and I was sent home from school and got put on house arrest by my parents. They wanted to try and 'fix' me. They thought that something was happening at school like been bullied.. They were wrong... My parents next theory was that maybe Alex dying had effected me. They didn't understand. I'd seen him before. But now I don't. I didn't know what to do anymore. I couldn't function properly. I lost a lot of weight and people thought I'd become anersic. I'd made myself so ill I had to visit a doctor every day for blood tests and weight tests. Next I went to counselling. They thought it would help. They kept pushing me to try and talk about what was going on.. I didn't though. They'd say I was crazy. Seeing my boyfriends ghost. They'd say I'd imagined it. I hadn't I know I hadn't.

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