See Through Love

I am a girl. But no ordinary girl. I'm a girl with boyfriend - and my boyfriend isn't human. He's a ghost. I see him everywhere, we talk together, laugh, do everything we used to do when he was alive. Except kiss. I cannot touch him at all, because he's transparent. It drives me mad every day knowing he's dead, and I can't touch him even though he's with me. Maybe when I find out how he died, I'll finally be able to give my boyfriend his kiss.


2. I Saw Him Again...

Laying home in my bed trying to get some sleep when I hear something. Noises like footsteps coming up my stairs.. Impossible I was home alone... I heard the footsteps again this time close to me.. Hurrying out of bed and pressing my ear to my bedroom door the  footsteps sounded like they were outside the door. I backed away and almost fell over the corner of my bed.. Whoever was outside my door was coming for me, and they were going to get me.. I had no way of running or escaping.

The door flung open and to my surprise it was Alex.. Alex Summers was stood in the doorway to my room. I stood there breathless. Not been able to talk, opening my mouth not to say any words or even make any sounds.. He looked at me and moved closer.

"April?" His voice sounded exactly the same as it did before.. When he was alive. I looked into his eyes and I heard him sigh.. Hopelessly as if maybe I hadn't heard him. He turned so his back was to me..

"Alex...?" My voice was high and sounded forced. He turned to me and came close to me.

"You can hear me?" When I nodded, the tips of his mouth curved into a smile. He was looking at me like I was looking at him, with confusion but with eyes soft and peaceful.

"I'm so confused. How is this possible..." My voice trailed off at the end. This was all too much to take in and I didn't know what was possible. Or if this was real or not.. My head was spinning and I felt all warm and my back sticky. 

"I don't know... I guess just when we both want to see each other, then it just kinda happened.. I guess it's just one of those things you don't really search about until it happens." I nodded slowly trying to take it all in.. It was hard and I couldn't get my head around.. Maybe I would in the future, just not now. 

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