See Through Love

I am a girl. But no ordinary girl. I'm a girl with boyfriend - and my boyfriend isn't human. He's a ghost. I see him everywhere, we talk together, laugh, do everything we used to do when he was alive. Except kiss. I cannot touch him at all, because he's transparent. It drives me mad every day knowing he's dead, and I can't touch him even though he's with me. Maybe when I find out how he died, I'll finally be able to give my boyfriend his kiss.


1. Death At First Sight...

Alex Summers died on the 7th October, 2012.

I don't know how he died, or even if it was his destiny to die. I guess, if he did die maybe it was his destiny.. How I'm supposed to know? It's not like I control destiny..

His funeral made me feel even worse.  I thought they were supposed to celebrate his life but it didn't everyone was crying and sad.. I was probably the only one there who didn't cry. I'd got all my tears out in the past week. When we found him dead in his room,  I was the first one to see him. He was on his bed with the remote on the floor next to him. No one could find anything wrong with him, I had a few theories.. Most people thought it was a drug overdose but I knew it wasn't. He never took drugs, I would know. I was always with him. 

It was almost the end of his funeral when I saw him. Not the real him, but a ghost. I didn't believe my eyes at first, then I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't. He came over to me and I have the feeling he saw me too. Looking into his blue eyes that were always so dreamy. I went to touch him but my hands went right through his skin. I somehow felt the warmth of his skin or it could have been just the memory of his touch. I wanted to talk to him, hear his voice and feel the warmth from the touch of his skin. 

Before, I could even have the courage to talk he disappeared, I couldn't bear to be here anymore and I just wanted to leave.. Trying to move but not having the strength to move but instead falling to the floor. Hot tears running down my face, letting everything go. 

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