Heaven is a place on earth

Andrea is the new girl in town; shy,bookish and a lover of comic books and all things nerdy, she's surprised when she finds a connection with Lucas,the most popular boy in the year. However, when something happens that could potentially ruin their relationship,will they manage in the end?


1. New Arrival

Andy stared out of the window,rolling her eyes as there was yet another comment from one of her step brothers on how long they were in the car and when were they actually going to arrive to their new house.

"...I know it's been a while but we have another three hours yet. Tell you what,at the next services,we'll stop off and all stretch our legs, how does that sound?" her Mum sighed,sounding exasperated. Andy couldn't blame her. With four children under the age of ten and another on the way in four months, the strain was really starting to get to her. Before Dean, it used to be Andy, Kyle and their Mum. Before Dean, they would always go to the huge park with the dinosaur slide down the road every Sunday,no matter what the weather. Before Dean, their Mum would take them on a mystery tour on the last Saturday of every month and no matter where they went, Andy would always make sure to bring back a souvenir. That was, until Dean arrived. Andy saw it happen. She saw that instant spark and that snort her Mum always made when nervous. She saw her Mum lose her balance at Starbuck's and accidently spill her pumpkin spice latte all over Dean's brand new Hollister shirt. Not that she cared. Tears filled her eyes as she remembered her making the announcement that Dean was going to move in with them.

"Just for a while." she said. "Until he gets back on his feet. He's had a really rough year."

According to her Mum, Dean had recently divorced his wife after discovering she was having an affair and was kicked out of his luxurious New York apartment without so much as a cent. After working for months on end, he gathered enough money to get a ticket to London to start a new life. But Andy new the truth, she had seen the evidence,she knew where he kept his guitar that was specifically for busking. She didn't dare confront him about it. At least, not in front of her Mum. She wouldn't admit it, but she liked seeing the way he made her happy. She hadn't seen her this happy in ages and what with him bearing an uncanny resemblance to Thor, it made her like him a little more. Ever since her real Dad showed her Spiderman when she was six, she had an obsession with superheroes, her favourite being Batman although according to Kyle, he didn't count as he didn't have any official powers. She didn't care though, there was always something about knowing that it was a magician behind the mask that she liked.

"...Andrea? What are you after?" Dean asked, his Brooklyn accent evident.

"Usual." Andy mumbled, slouching in her seat further. Although he may look like a superhero and introduced her to Stephen King and Seth MacFarlane, she wasn't going to be won over that easily and calling her Andrea certainly didn't boost his chances.

"...and another chicken nugget happy meal with coke this time." she heard him say,trying to sound like a family man but failing miserably. 

Several moments later, the car jerked forward,before pulling up to the last booth.

"Andy,here's yours." her Mum smiled, passing her the brown paper bag, the grease showing up in patches.

"Thanks." she responded, giving her a tired smirk. It had been a long day for all of them. It was Dean's fault that they were in this situation and not only did she have to endure an eight hour drive to Southampton in a battered old Land Rover that had seen better days, but she had to say goodbye to the life in Kirkcaldy she had known for the sixteen years she had lived on this planet. 

Linda glanced at the mirror, her hand brushing over her swollen stomach. She had always been concerned about her daughter,even more so now that in the space of  two years, they had gone from a family of three to a family of  eight. She also noticed she was getting more and more secluded and she would often hear her late at night talking to Bruce Banner, her small black kitten they got her for Christmas the year before. 

"Dad! Dad,I need a wee!" Spencer moaned,shuffling uncomfortably,bringing Linda out of her thoughts. She had always loved the kids but they didn't half get on her nerves most of the time. When she saw Dean for the first time with a latte stained shirt, she hadn't pictured him to be a family man. He looked too good and too young to have children running him riot in all different directions. But no, they were generally well behaved, and whilst they did get into the occasional scrape, they weren't known by name in Accident and Emergency like Kyle was when he was their age. And over the past two years, she had gotten to know each one and what their personalities were. Spencer was the youngest at five years old and an avid fan of dinosaurs,aliens and anything that involved bodily functions, Mason was the second youngest aged eight and was the quiet one out of the trio and got on the best with Andy who also shared his love of reading and horror. And then there was finally Blake; self proclaimed leader of the pack and nine years old, Blake was definitely the troublemaker out of the group and had recently sparked an interest in animation,resulting in purchasing every Disney dvd available much to his and Spencer's delight. 

"Okay champ, just hang on for a few minutes whilst I pull up." Dean called back,concentrating on driving once more. 

"Er,Linda? Oscar smells funny." Mason observed,referring to the ten month old that was sitting next to him,chewing his fist with a relaxed expression on his slightly flushed face.

"Good thing we stopped off when we did then. Alright,does anyone else need to go to the toilet in this given time?"

Andy sighed, shuffling languidly out of her current position by the window,which had everything she needed,including her old,battered copy of Water for Elephants,her favourite Pumbaa soft toy she got from their trip to York three years ago and a rapidly decreasing packet of mint imperials.

"Andrea Jennifer Sandringham, how many times must I tell you? You're not supposed to be having these!" Linda chided, noticing the telltale green packet poking out of the pocket of her body warmer.

"I thought that was toffees."she scowled,pressing the packet into her mother's open hand.

"No, the orthodontist said nothing chewy,hard,full of sugar and crunchy.Look, just follow the others will you? I have to change your brother."

"More like half brother."Andy muttered, kicking a stone that was in her path.

"Andrea,I don't have time for this. We were supposed to have been there an hour ago."

"Maybe if you hadn't left Spencer in charge of the sweets then we'd be on time for once."

"I am really not in the mood today Andrea. I'm stressed,I'm tired and I can't even have a cigarette to calm my nerves,okay? We have another two hundred miles and we have to get there before it gets dark so either you go to the toilet now or I'll make you wait three more hours." Linda snapped, her patience finally reaching breaking point.

"Alright! I'm going! Sheesh." Andy sighed, trudging across the carpark to catch up with the others. 

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