Hi, my name is Allie Carson. I live in Holmes Chapel with my best friend Harry Styles. What happens when Allie and Harry audition for the X-factor? Will they make it? Will there be a summer romance and will hearts be broken?....


8. ***VERY IMPORTANT***Author's note!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't been updating lately. I will try to get the next chapter up later tonight but if I don't I'll post it tomorrow. I've been have a lot of home work lately and too many activities going on. Anyway, If you want something to happen in the story or if you want to be in the story kik me at krazee7. I always love new ideas. If you want to be in the story keep reading.

Harry's GF: Allie

Louis' GF: ?

Zayn's GF: ?

Liam's GF: ?

Niall's GF: ?

Allie's bestfriends: Eleanor, Danielle, Perri, ?, ?,

Allie's X-Factor room mate: ?

Harry's X-Factor room mate: Louis, ?

There are also parts for the guy's best friend so if you want that then kik me! If I don't get someone for a part I'll just put random names. Don't feel that you can't be a part because I put a different name. I'll change it to your name.

****When you kik me tell me your first and last name (I won't stalk you (;), what part you want, your age, and your favorite song (So if you get a part where you sing I have a song for you)****

Thanks for reading my fan fic :),

Rach x

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