Hi, my name is Allie Carson. I live in Holmes Chapel with my best friend Harry Styles. What happens when Allie and Harry audition for the X-factor? Will they make it? Will there be a summer romance and will hearts be broken?....


3. The Big News

Harry's POV:

Today is the day I tell Allie. How will she react? I'm her only friend, she will be lost. I thought to myself. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Allie screaming through her window for me to come over. Perfect time to tell her. I ran a brush threw my hair and walked next door.

"Ello." She said in her phony British accent.

"Cheerio." I replied in my phony Irish accent. We both laughed. Allie brought me up to her room and told me she had to go feed her cat. I said okay and she went off. A few minutes later she came back. Now is the time to tell her.

"Allie.." I said.

"Yes Harry?" she replied.

I took a deep breath and replied," I have big news to tell you. I don't think you'll like it all that well."

She looked at me and nodded telling me to go on so I did.

"I signed up for the X-Factor so I'm going to be leaving for a while." I watched her turn pale and smile at the same time.

She weakly replied, "Good luck Harry." I saw her lip quiver as she said it. I can't leave her here alone. Maybe she could audition with me. She is a great singer....

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