Hi, my name is Allie Carson. I live in Holmes Chapel with my best friend Harry Styles. What happens when Allie and Harry audition for the X-factor? Will they make it? Will there be a summer romance and will hearts be broken?....


9. Setting Up the Gig *****Author's Note!!!*****

Mrs. Figgiehorn's POV (Music teacher):

'Why do Saturdays go by so slow?' I thought to myself. I walked over to the piano and got the sheet music out for Monday. Might as well practice it and make a couple changes. I started playing the piano when Harry walked in with a girl... is she a student here?

"Hello Mrs. Figgiehorn. I'm ready to rehearse." Harry said.

"Hello Harry. May I ask who this young lady is?" I said glancing over at the girl.

She looked upset, "I'm one of your students... My name is Allie Carson..."

Wow, how didn't I recognize her? "Oh yes now I remember! I'm sorry I just can't think straight today." Phew! Nice save!

She smiled, "It's okay."

I looked over at Harry. "So what song are you auditioning with?" He glanced over to Allie and she nodded. Now I'm confused..

"Well I'm not auditioning. We are." He said smiling at Allie. I smiled at them.

"Lovely! Do you guys mind singing for me?" I said.

"We'd love too!" Allie and Harry said.

"Great. Let's hear it!"

"Okay. We will be singing two songs though. Allie and I couldn't decide which song to audition with so we need someone to choose for us. We'll be singing Need You Now and Good Time." Harry said with a huge smile plastered on his face.

I smiled and nodded. Allie took out her iPod and put on some music.


Allie's POV:

Mrs. Figgiehorn started clapping. Wait it sounds like more than one person clapping... I turn around to see more teachers clapping. Mr. Winston, Mrs. Chipston, Miss Greenburg, and Miss Baker.

"Wow that was amazing!!" Mrs. Figgiehorn said. Everyone agreed.

"I knew Harry could sing but Allie? You barely participate in class. I would've never imagined this beautiful voice coming out of you. Harry, good job finding her. You guys will definitely win!" Mrs. Figgiehorn said.

Mr. Winston nodded, "You've got my vote." There were choruses of "and mine" from everyone.

"Thanks so much guys!" I said.

"Thank you!" Harry said. He looked at Mrs. Figgiehorn and continued, "With that being said.. do you think it's possible to get a gig at school? We need to work on Allie's stage fright."

She smiled and nodded," There's an assembly on Monday and we need another performing act. Do you want me to tell the principal the spot is taken? It would be right in the middle of the assembly so everyone would be there already." Oh no! Everyone, as in the whole school?

Harry looked at me.

"Tell the principal that Harry and I accept the offer. Which song do you want us to sing though?"

"I think you guys did better on Need You Now. Why don't you sing both of your songs at the assembly and let the audience choose."

"Okay. Thank you Mrs. Figgiehorn." Harry said.

"I can't wait to see you guys perform." She says. She looks at her watch, "Wow time flies by fast! I have a chat to be on with the boss in a couple minutes. Thank you for stopping by."

We say our goodbyes and leave. I can't believe all of this is happening....


*****Author's Note*****

Hey guys! I'm going to try to update tomorrow but I'm not sure if I will have time. Sundays are really busy for me. I'm sorry for anyone who got effected by the shooting in Connecticut. It's a real tragedy and I can't believe anyone would do such a thing. R.I.P to all the people killed.

Getting off the topic of deaths... (I'm about to rant so feel free to stop reading the note). I am seriously pissed off at Taylor Swift right now. For anyone who doesn't know she posted on twitter "Fuck you Directioners." and then shortly after removed it. She didn't take it off quick enough though because I saw it and a ton of other people did. People posted pictures of her tweet all over Facebook, Instagram, etc... Taylor posted that tweet because of hate she was getting from fans. I mean come on? Dani, El, and Perri get hate but you don't see them posting this shit all over twitter now do you? I have just about had it with Taylor and she has lost my respect. Just one more Directioner she will be getting hate from. (Sorry for everyone who likes her. I didn't mean to offend anyone.) Comment what you think of her and her "lovely" tweet.

-Rach x

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