Hi, my name is Allie Carson. I live in Holmes Chapel with my best friend Harry Styles. What happens when Allie and Harry audition for the X-factor? Will they make it? Will there be a summer romance and will hearts be broken?....


2. First Day of Senior Year

Allie's POV:

I get woken up by my alarm at 5:45 a.m. Why did school have to be so early? Anyways, this is my senior year and I can't wait until it's over! All I do is get picked on for not having a normal mum. I never think of it that way though. Just because she is scared to be in a moving vehicle doesn't mean she is abnormal. Right?

"Allie! Wake up sleepy head, it's time for school." someone yells. I roll over and see Harry smiling at me through his bedroom window. I smiled back at him. Maybe this year won't be as bad as I thought. I mean I have my best friend there for support through the bullying.

I say good morning to Harry and go through my closet full of clothes. Finally I found the perfect back to school outfit. A tank top that says "Haters gonna hate" in big bold letters. I got some black skinny jeans to go with it and some white high heels. I got changed and headed downstairs to meet up with Harry.

"Hey Allie-boo." he said in a cheerful voice. We made up nicknames a week after we met. Harry wanted to call me Allie Wallie but I refused.

"Hello Rice Cake." I said. I call him rice cake because his hair is fluffy and rice cakes look fluffyish...I'm pretty sure.

He smiled and opened the door for me. I walked outside with Harry at my heels. We began walking to school, talking about all sorts of things. When we arrived at school I got attacked by my "friends". Today would be a long day...

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