Hi, my name is Allie Carson. I live in Holmes Chapel with my best friend Harry Styles. What happens when Allie and Harry audition for the X-factor? Will they make it? Will there be a summer romance and will hearts be broken?....


7. Allie's First Audience's Opinions

Allie's POV:

"Good job Allie. You guys were amazing!" Charlotte said to me. I smiled and thanked her.

"I agree. I expected you guys would be good but I didn't expect you to be this good." My dad said emphasizing the "this". Anne nodded her head in agreement and ran over to Harry and I to hug us.

"Thank you guys. I can't believe I made it through this! Do you think we have a chance at the X-Factor?" I asked scared of the answer.

Dad said, "I don't think you guys have a chance at the X-Factor..." I was afraid of that. He continued, "I know you guys have a chance at the X-Factor." He smiled at me. I smiled knowing he thinks we're that good.

"Agreed." Anne said. Charlotte nodded. Harry came next to me and looked me in the eyes.

"Allie, we can do this. We have three people supporting us already. Do you think you'll be ready to sing in front of more people tomorrow?"

I took a deep breath. Slowly I replied, "I think I am... Wait, I know I am." Harry smiled at me as I said that. I returned the smile.

"We have to go school." Harry said. I looked at him funny.

"Why would we do that? It's 1:37 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon! Who would be at the school now?" Harry smiled at my confusion.

"We would do that because we are going to have a gig. We'll have to ask if we can schedule one at the school for everyone in our grade to come watch. Once we get through our grade we'll add more grades. And the music teacher told me she'd be at school until 5:00 on Saturdays. She said if I wanted to stop by to practice for the X-Factor that I could. She really wants me to win. I didn't tell her that you were performing with me yet because you just agreed to it on Friday." he says.

I smile, "Let's go." I say and grab his hand dragging him to my car. Let's hope we get the gig!

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