They Don't Know About Us

*A 1D fan fiction*
When Louis falls for one of the enemies will he tell the boys?
When Taya falls for one of the enemies will she tell the girls?
Find Out In They Don't Know About Us(A new song on the new album Take Me Home)


4. Chapter 4

Taya's POV

All the girls came round mine to get ready, Darcy,Ellie,Lucy and Steph surprisingly came along,

"So then girlies what do you think of me new dress?!"

Darcy said bursting through my walk-in wardrobe where we were all trying to choose something for mwah. She was wearing a tight, non-sleeved dress which was red and came down to about half way up her thigh. Accompanied by some massive black heels. Her brown hair were curled into little ringlets flowing down her back, She looked gorgeous with some black eye liner making her green orbs stand out.


We all said in unison as she ran to the mirror on the other side of the closet. She raised her eyebrows and turned around lowering her head,

"Do you think Harry will like it?"

Ooh she got a crush on Harry! Nawhh.

"Who wouldn't?!"

Steph said pushing her blonde side-fringe(Or the americans call it 'bangs') before pulling out a gorgeous Lipsy dress.

"This is it!"

She exclaimed before shoving it into my hands, All the girls ran out and I took a moment to admire it. It was strapless,bust dress with a sparkly gold top and a short black skirt. I put it on, It looked quite nice. I grabbed a leaf necklace, a black clutch with gold studs, some feather earrings and my black platforms. I stepped outside to the girls and they stopped all conversation to look at me.

"What do you think?"

They all had cheesy smiles planted on their faces,

"Make-up and hair now!"

Lucy screamed pulling Ellie up with her, I checked the time 8:45pm. 15 minutes! Lucy started playing with my hair and Ellie started putting some red lipstick on me and did my eyeliner with a flick at the end. She put some light brown eyeshadow on and stood back to admire her 'work' 

 "Damn girl you hawt!"

She screamed as Lucy finished my hair. I looked at myself, Woah. I looked-


Steph said appearing around the corner with her beautiful blonde hair curled, Gold glittery dress with one shoulder and some gold platforms. She looked gorgeous.

"Wow babe you look gorgeous!"

I said running up to her and hugging her, 

"Not as beautiful as you!"

I laughed and looked back to find Ellie and Lucy dressed up. Woah, That was quick! Ellie was wearing a dress with sparkles on the top and a white skirt, She had her red hair all straightened and some white platforms. Lucy was wearing a green dress with some green platforms and her beautiful blonde hair was curly with a side fringe (bangs),

"Wow you guys, You don't know your beautiful!"

I said the last part in a singing voice because I'm cool like dat.

"Wait where's Darcy?" 

Steph said looking around, Darcy burst through the door with some red heel boots on,

*Ding dong!*

We all looked at eachother and checked our phones, 9:00pm. We all jumped in joy and ran downstairs, when I say run I mean like jog because our heels, and opened the door.

"Hey sexy ladies!"

Harry shouted out.


Yay I finally got the chapter up :) Hope you like it! Oh and yeah here's the girls outfits.


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