They Don't Know About Us

*A 1D fan fiction*
When Louis falls for one of the enemies will he tell the boys?
When Taya falls for one of the enemies will she tell the girls?
Find Out In They Don't Know About Us(A new song on the new album Take Me Home)


3. Chapter 3

Louis's POV

Taya rested her head on my shoulder as we finished,

"Let's live while we're young"

The girls stood up and started clapping,


I signaled Taya to sit back down, My shoulder was getting cold..

"I know it's late but how about Truth or Dare?"

Harry said turning his head to wink at Darcy, Who instantly started blushing. I let out a snigger and Taya stared at me weirdly.

"Okay me first!"

Ellie said lifting her head off Niall's lap and standing up stretching.

"I dare you to... GO SKINNY-DIPPING with.. NIALL!"

Zayn shouted at Ellie who shrug her shoulders and walked towards the sea throwing items of clothing over the sand,


He sat their mouth open staring at Ellie who was in the water beconing him in, HAHA!

"Okay then let's live while we're young!"

He threw his guitar on the ground and started stripping off, I covered Taya's eyes but she managed to peak over, Cheeky. He ran out in his boxers before throwing them off when he reached the sea.

"Let's leave them to it"

Liam muttered before all of us bursting out laughing. Darcy had her arms wrapped around Harry and Lucy was busy with Zayn now.. If you know what I mean. And what I mean is SNOGGING EACHOTHER'S FACE OFF, Sorry.

"Can I talk to you Lou?"

Taya whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.


We stood up and I took her hand, She stopped and looked into my eyes. I gazed into her baby blue eyes as she looked at me smiling.

"Well basically, I have to get this off of my chest. I hate you, So much. But I love you more than I hate you. I hate the fact you have beautiful eyes. I hate that you love everything I do. I hate your so gorgeous. I hate that your so perfect."

I felt my neck stretch out and feel a presence on my lips, They fit together like puzzle pieces and the sparks exploded in my mind. She pulled apart and her hands were draped across her rosy red cheeks,

"We better get back"

I said walking towards the fire with a eager Taya behind me, She sat down on the log next to me. 


I looked at her across the cantine, She winked at me. Damn, This girl was driving me crazy. She was one of the 'popular girls' in the school, The one that everyone wanted to be friends with, The ones boys wanted to hook up with... The one who threw the best parties. I was one of the 'popular guys' Let's just say, The girls go crazy.*Wink Wink* Basically the 'popular girls' hate us 'popular guys' (Which was Me,Harry,Liam,Zayn and Niall)


Everyone turned around and hushed. Taya stood there with a hand on her hip with a mega-phone. 


Everyone jumped with joy shouting 'Woo!' and a few 'I need to go shopping!' Great I'll work on her there..

A/N The next chapter will be skipping to the Friday of the party. Tell me what you think! GeorgieBoo <3

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